Phantom Pursuits: Seeking Spirits in the Comfort of the Rolls-Royce Wraith

In the realm of automotive luxury, where power, elegance, and innovation intertwine, the Rolls-Royce Wraith emerges as a spectral presence that commands attention.

With a potency that could make even the most muscular of muscle cars blush, the 465kW Wraith is more than a mere vehicle – it’s an embodiment of refined terror that can send shivers down your spine while dancing with your senses.

Throughout history, ghosts have held sway over the human imagination, weaving tales of ethereal fright and the unknown. Yet, in a world increasingly skeptical of the supernatural, the idea of ghosts takes a different form.

For those who perceive life’s end as a peaceful slumber followed by an earthly dissolution, ghosts pale in comparison to mundane daily matters. In this modern context, there’s little that can evoke genuine fear, except perhaps the inexplicable romantic endeavors depicted on reality TV shows.

Rolls-Royce, renowned for naming its vehicles after the phantoms and apparitions of our collective imagination, has taken an audacious step with the Wraith – a name that promises more than an inkling of the supernatural.

At first glance, the Wraith may not strike terror into hearts with its two doors, broadened rear track, and shortened wheelbase, but beneath the surface, a tapestry of startling figures awaits.

Drawing inspiration from the Ghost’s 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12, closely related to the BMW 760Li’s powerplant, the Wraith dials up the intrigue by amplifying power from 420kW to a commanding 465kW.

This forceful energy, supplemented by a staggering 800Nm of torque, springs to life with a mere nudge of the throttle, an apt reflection of the new turbocharged era’s spirit.

Stepping inside the Wraith, the transition from reality to opulent escapism is palpable. With a press of a button, the doors seal shut, enveloping occupants in a serene cocoon adorned with plush leather and gleaming woodgrains.

The seats offer both support and tenderness, cradling passengers in a cloud-like embrace. Yet, it’s the overhead spectacle that truly enchants – 1340 fiber-optic LEDs illuminate the headliner, mimicking the celestial display above the Goodwood factory on a pivotal date: the birth of the first Wraith.

Eight cows made the ultimate sacrifice to bestow their hides upon the Wraith’s interior, yet only the finest leather from alpine-dwelling bulls was deemed worthy. These creatures, free to roam without the encumbrance of barbed wire, contributed to the lavish comfort that envelops passengers.

Amidst a palette of 45,000 possible colors, the Wraith’s allure deepens with the delicate craftsmanship of Mark Court. With brushes fashioned from squirrel hair, he adorns each Rolls-Royce with his signature pinstriping, an art form that demands three hours per line. A red Wraith, for instance, carries the legacy of 12 hours in Court’s masterful company.

Delving further into the Wraith’s allure, it’s impossible to overlook the meticulously positioned Spirit of Ecstasy, which commands a unique posture, akin to a prowling specter. The Rolls-Royce emblems on the wheels defy convention by remaining steadfastly level, unswayed by the car’s motion.

Intriguingly, the Wraith conceals heated umbrella compartments within its front fenders, showcasing the marriage of practicality and luxury. It’s a symphony of technological marvels as well, borrowing from the BMW repertoire with a head-up display, night vision, 360-degree parking camera, radar cruise control, and an audio system that transcends auditory delight.

Behind the wheel, the Wraith’s grandeur is undeniable, nearly necessitating binoculars to spot the Spirit of Ecstasy perched elegantly on the bonnet’s edge. Gazing into the rearview mirror, the sprawling dimensions of the vehicle leave you squinting to fathom its true boundaries. The Wraith’s driver’s seat exudes a nautical expanse akin to that of a captain on the Queen Mary 2 – an apt parallel for its majestic proportions.

With a subtle nudge of the column shift stalk, the Wraith glides into motion, and the world around you transforms into a cocoon of hushed tranquility. Even at high speeds, the ambiance remains remarkably serene, with only a gentle hum of road noise penetrating the cabin. Conversations unfold in hushed tones, even at 120km/h, as the Wraith shrouds its occupants in a cloak of silence.

The Wraith’s suspension is a marvel, seamlessly navigating through undulating terrains, providing a ride akin to being carried on a cloud of goose feathers. While equipped with 21-inch wheels and 40-profile tires, its ability to glide over bumps and imperfections is astonishing. One might humorously wonder if the government’s road maintenance budget could be slashed if all cars rode as gracefully as the Wraith.

Embarking on a journey through more remote byways, the Wraith reveals its true essence. Absent of traditional sport buttons or steering wheel paddles, it beckons the hovercraft-like


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