Pez Arhat: Releasing the wonders of an astounding discovery

1. General description of the Arhat fish species The Arhat fish has the English name Flower Horn and belongs to the Order: Perciformes (order of marine fish), Family: Cichlidae (family of tilapia). It is one of the tropical ornamental fish that artisans breed from snapper and tilapia. Called Arhats because they have a large humpbacked head like that of a fairy, with colorful colors on the sides and a symbol of luck and prosperity.– Origin: First appeared in aquariums in Malaysia, after the fish competition in 2001, the Arhat fish farming movement became more and more popular and spread to Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam,….

– Their main food is usually shrimp, snails, young fish, liʋer and minced meat, etc. Arhat fish are easily reproduced and artificially fed in the aquarium. As ornamental fish easy to breed, healthy and less sick, their life expectancy is quite long (more than 10 years), the size can reach 25-30 cm.

– Classification: The hybrid arhat has more than 60 species, but the most popular and popular are the hybrid varieties Diamond, Thai Red, King Kamfa and King…


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2. Characteristics of the Arhat fish breed With a bright and colorful body and different large humpback heads, this fish is majestically beautiful and funny, it is hunted by many aquarists.

Arhat fish reproduce quite easily, but the number of adult fish with beautiful colors and strange large heads is very rare and represents only a small number of the species that are 𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧. When mature, the arhat fish can reach a size of 25-30 cm and inherit the playful beauty of its parents, such as a beautiful extended tail, long fins, not large eyes and two short gills. In particular, the large deformed head means that they cannot be confused with any other fish. This is also the standard for judging its value.


3. HaƄitatArhat food and fish are found in all layers of water. If fish are raised in a tank, it is necessary to design a tank with the appropriate length: about 120 cm long, about 250 liters in volume. Being a “very intelligent and active” species, the tank needs a large space with a gravel bottom combined with simple decoration for ease of management.

Food sources are extremely diverse, such as: Natural foods: wild fish, fresh shrimp, carp, nettle, worm, worm and ƄoƄo, etc.

Frozen foods: frozen prawns and shrimps, red worm, Ƅmeat, Ƅmeat, small fish such as fillet, frozen Ƅasa, yellow snail, frozen puree.

Pellet food: only used when feeding weaned fish or when other foods are not available. Other Foods: Some other fresh foods can also be used as Arhat fish food, such as roaches, crickets, locusts, ant eggs, insects, lizards, earthworms, etc. There is almost no risk of disease transmission to fish compared to seafood.


4. Popular Arhat Fish Species

Arhat fish are bred with more than 60 species, of which 4 are the most popular and are bred in family aquariums, resorts and ecology today:

Diaмond Arhat FishDiaмond Arhat (also known as Diaмond Phuc Loc Tho) is a cross line of a male Chau Kiм Cuong with a female Blue Dragon. The outstanding feature of the diamond arhat fish is its round and impressively strong body, the lines from the gills to the point of the tail are clear against the background filled with colored pearls. They have inscriptions printed on the body along both sides of the body, the round body is covered with white pearls, the fish head protrudes in a circle forward. The eyes are red, the face slightly yellow.

Due to inbreeding to get the head to stand away but ignore the deformity, today’s diamond line is almost degenerate: most of the tail is drooping, especially in many flatfish, no longer than 4 Ƅig fingers.


Red Thai Arhat Fish With rather large frontal head with the main bright red color, this aquarium line when kept in the aquarium will be extremely prominent. The main color is bright red (the color that makes them beautiful and colorful), the body is compact, there are a lot of bright pearls, especially on the tail, the tail fins are always extended, which makes them flexible. and smooth when swimming.

Arhat King Kamfa

The King Kafa fish is the most expensive and imported variety of the species currently farmed in Thailand due to some mutants that are thin, thick and shiny. The common characteristic of fish imported from Thailand, such as red monkey and Texas red, is that it is difficult to breed and takes a long time to mature.


King Lai Arhat Fish This fish is usually crossed between a King Kafa female and a Diamond male. “King hybrid” lines in Vietnam are crosses of a La Han male with a KKF female, then individuals with the most KKF characteristics are selected to continue or cross with the mother. But the malformation rate is quite high due to pasteurellosis, so they are crossed with kkf females from different groups.


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