One of the ocean’s toxic species is the lionfish (Fairy species).



Common name: Lionfish
Scientific name: Pterois volitans
Diet: Carnivores
Lifespan: up to 15 years
Size: 11.8 to 15 inches (from 30 cm to 38 cm)
Average weight up to 2.6 pounds (almost 1.2 kg)
Red Book Status: Not Rated

Lionfish (Fairy Fish) – one of the poisonous fish of the Ocean

The Lionfish’s venom is released from a web of 18 needle-like dorsal fins, but in reality they are mainly used for defense. Relying on perfect camouflage and quick reflexes, Lionfish can easily grab prey, mainly fish and shrimp. Lionfish stings are very painful and can cause symptoms such as nausea and shortness of breath, but are rarely fatal.

Lionfish (Fairy Fish) – one of the poisonous fish of the Ocean

The lions often choose to live mainly in coral reefs and rock crevics in the Indo-Pacific region, although they have been expanding their range over many areas. oceans around the world.

The largest lionfish can grow up to 15 inches in length (nearly 38 centimeters), though their average length is only about the size of a foot.

Lionfish are quite a popular dish in some parts of the world, but they command a higher price when sold in aquariums or water park areas for commercial purposes. The number of this fish species is quite crowded and widely distributed, so it is increasing day by day. As such, they are causing some concern in the United States, where it is felt that this exotic fish poses potential dangers to both humans and the environment.

Lionfish (Fairy Fish) – one of the poisonous fish of the Ocean

Some interesting information about Lionfish (Poisonous Lionfish) you may not know:
• Occasionally, Lionfish spread their pectoral fins and gather in schools to surround and trap smaller fish so they can be easily eaten.
• Lionfish possess a natural lion-like mane made up of poisonous spines.
• Lionfish are native to the Indo-Atlantic region, but they are now widely introduced fish in other areas.

Lionfish (Fairy Fish) – one of the poisonous fish of the Ocean




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