NATO ready new military plan and Reveal the biggest changes

NATO sẵn sàng kế hoạch quân sự mới để đối phó với Nga - Ảnh 1.
A Turkish F-16 fighter jet participates in NATO’s Air Defender exercise in Germany on June 9

Given that the Russian military has suffered many losses but has not been completely defeated in the war in Ukraine, a top NATO military officer has revealed the biggest changes since the Cold War in the alliance’s military plan. in the event that Moscow expands the conflict.

“They may not be 3-4 meters tall, but certainly not only 6 cm. So we should never underestimate the Russians and their resilience”, AP quoted the city’s capital. Director Rob Bauer, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, told reporters on July 3.

Target 300,000 troops

US President Joe Biden and other NATO leaders are expected to approve key adjustments to the alliance’s military plan at a summit in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius next week. .

NATO, collectively, does not provide arms or ammunition to Ukraine. The alliance does not want to be dragged into a larger war with a nuclear power like Russia. At the same time, the alliance is strengthening the security of member countries near Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

FILE - Servicemen of the United States 101 Airborne Division run during an exercise at the Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base, near the Black Sea port of Constanta, Romania, Friday, March 31, 2023. Russia’s armed forces are bruised but by no means beaten in the war in Ukraine, a top NATO military officer said Monday, as he laid out the biggest revamp to the organization’s military plans since the Cold War should Moscow dare to widen the conflict. (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda, File)

4,000 German troops could be permanently stationed in Lithuania to protect NATO’s eastern flank

About 40,000 troops are stationed from Estonia in the north to Romania on the Black Sea coast. About 100 aircraft fly over that territory every day, and a total of 27 warships are active in the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean. These numbers will increase in the future.

Under its new plan, NATO aims to mobilize 300,000 troops ready to move to the alliance’s eastern flank within 30 days. The plan divides the territory of the union into three regions – the northern and Atlantic high latitudes, the northern Alps and the southern European region.

Admiral Bauer said the new NATO plan builds on the strength of the Russian military before President Vladimir Putin launched a “special military operation” in Ukraine at the end of February 2022. He said the war had exhausted the resources of the Russian army but did not seriously affect the country’s navy or air force.

According to Bauer, of Russia’s ground forces, about “94% are currently engaged in the war in Ukraine”.

“What we see in general is that the Russians are cautious with NATO. They are not looking for conflict with NATO. I think that’s a sign that they are very, very busy… On land, I don’t. think they have a lot of force to do anything with anyone else,” the officer said.

“But we believe that the Russian side will reorganize. We will continue to see them as a serious threat, especially at sea and in the air, and in space, they are still very, very capable. force, not to mention nuclear weapons, of course,” Bauer said.

What will Sweden and Finland bring to the NATO alliance?

New security concerns

The uprising by the Wagner mercenary organization in Russia late last month has raised deep security concerns in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, as an agreement allows the group’s leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, began life in exile in Belarus.

A warship and tank during NATO exercises

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausea said neighboring countries would face greater danger if Wagner deployed troops just across their borders.

Vilnius is located about 35 km from the Lithuania-Belarus border.

Lithuania wants a permanent NATO presence on its territory. Germany signaled last week that it would be ready to station troops there if required. At the moment, however, NATO believes there is no immediate threat from Belarus.

“We’re confident we know what’s going on and we don’t see any change at the moment. But that doesn’t take our eyes off the things we need to do every day. If we need to. change the game, we can do it quickly,” Major General Matthew Van Wagenen told reporters.

NATO’s 31 member states participated in a “force formation conference” last week in an effort to find out how many troops and equipment the alliance could have to respond to any attack. work, both in the short and long term.

Both officers are optimistic about the outcome, although they declined to provide details for security reasons. However, some NATO experts and diplomats have expressed doubts about member states’ willingness to put a total of 300,000 troops on standby.

“I would consider it very doable. I can assure you we are now in a position where we know what is missing and how we need to develop this. in the future”, said Mr. Van Wagenen.

Study reveals extent of Western aid to Kyiv

Regarding NATO’s ability to implement the new plan, if it is needed in the future, Mr. Bauer welcomed the fact that Biden and NATO leaders are expected to make a commitment to increase defense spending in Vilnius next week. . This will help commanders get the equipment they need.

In 2014, NATO committed to spending 2% of GDP on each country’s military budget by 2024. At the summit in Lithuania on July 11-12, leaders will set 2% as the level of spending. floor target, instead of a ceiling to aim for.

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