Messi’s wife caused a fever with American fans

After the debut of the famous player Lionel Messi at the Inter Miami club (USA), Messi’s wife – Antonela Roccuzzo – quickly became a character that attracted the attention of Americans.

On American social networks, many netizens expressed their admiration for the beauty of Antonela Roccuzzo, some even called her “the most beautiful woman in the world”.

After Messi’s debut event at the Inter Miami club took place over the weekend, Roccuzzo quickly became an attractive figure in showbiz news in the country of flags.

At the launch ceremony, Messi said : “Thank you so much, it was a wonderful evening. First of all, I want to thank all the people living in Miami who welcomed me. Come to this place, I feel your love.

I am very happy to be here with you. I especially thank Jorge Mas and David Beckham for welcoming me here.


Lionel Messi has officially joined Inter Miami club (Image: Daily Mail).


On American social networks, many netizens expressed their admiration for the beauty of Antonela Roccuzzo (Photo: Daily Mail).

"Wife Roccuzzo with his 3 sons (Photo: Daily Mail).

“They made everything very comfortable for me and my family. Everything has been great since we arrived here. I really want to start training and competing right away.

I want to win for the club and I will promote with my teammates. I hope that you will be by our side cheering us on. I thank my new teammates for the warm welcome.

I’m glad I chose to come to this city with my family, I’m glad I chose this option. I have no doubt that my family will have a good time here. Thank you very much!”.

About Messi’s wife, the American people are not only impressed by her beauty but also very interested in the love story between Antonela Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi.

Many people think that this love story deserves to be turned into a movie.

The fact that the couple has remained attached and faithful to each other over the decades makes the American public very impressed.

The way Lionel Messi always gives sweet words to talk about his wife, the way he gives affectionate eyes when looking at his wife makes Americans very sympathetic to this couple.

Messi is considered an excellent player, a family man, a responsible husband and father.

"Wife Messi and Roccuzzo in childhood (Photo: Daily Mail).

Lionel Messi (36 years old) and Antonela Roccuzzo (35 years old) have loved each other since they were just… 5 years old. The love between Messi and Roccuzzo is a “young and old” love.

The two started building feelings in 2008, they officially got married in 2017. Currently, the couple has 3 sons. Wherever Messi plays, Roccuzzo and his children are always there.

Regarding his own career, Roccuzzo owns a very popular children’s fashion brand. Initially, Roccuzzo studied to become a dentist, but after deciding to stick with Messi, she became a “internal minister”, replacing him with the burden of taking care of the family.

It has been 30 years since Roccuzzo first met Messi, currently, the couple owns many villas in different countries, such as Barcelona and Ibiza (Spain), Miami (USA), Rosario (Argentina). )…

Unlike the wives and girlfriends of many other famous players, Roccuzzo pursues a simple and secretive lifestyle. She doesn’t like showing off, partying, shopping…

Messi’s love for Roccuzzo is also different. While the wives and girlfriends of the players are usually models, showbiz stars, social media stars, Messi’s wife is his “young and old” love.

"Wife Messi and Roccuzzo many years ago (Photo: Daily Mail).

Roccuzzo is the cousin of player Lucas Scaglia – a friend who played with Messi since childhood. From the first time he met Roccuzzo at his friend’s house, Messi liked Roccuzzo.

Whenever Roccuzzo went to his cousin’s house to play, little Messi made an excuse to stop by. Messi wrote Roccuzzo letters expressing his love, the boy Messi soon hoped that later when they both grew up, Roccuzzo would agree to be his girlfriend.

Since the age of 13, Messi has joined the training camp of the Barcelona club (Spain), the teenager Messi still maintains contact with the girl Roccuzzo.

5 years later, Roccuzzo’s best friend died in a traffic accident, Messi knew and felt worried, he immediately returned to Argentina so he could be with Roccuzzo.

In adulthood, Messi and Roccuzzo want to start a romantic relationship, even though they will have to fall in love at a distance. In his hometown, Roccuzzo attended university majoring in humanities and sociology.

After graduating, she further studied dentistry. But love forced her to change all plans.

"Wife Messi and Roccuzzo at the wedding (Photo: Daily Mail).

"Wife The way Lionel Messi always gives sweet words to talk about his wife, the way he gives his affectionate eyes when looking at his wife makes Americans very sympathetic to this couple (Photo: Daily Mail).

"Wife Messi’s family (Image: Daily Mail).

In 2010, Roccuzzo moved to Barcelona to be able to accompany Messi, ending the series of days of long-distance love. In 2012, their first son was born.

When talking about his wife, Messi always has the most respectful words: “She has a lot of good qualities with outstanding advantages.

The way she handles day-to-day tasks, her personality, her balanced and very positive emotional state…, all make me feel admired.

She always deals with problems in a very instructive way. My wife is a smart person and has always been excellent in my eyes in every way.



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