Meet the loving mother cat whose fascinating challenges are faced by her energetic litter of seven kittens.

Claire lived in South Korea with 10 beautiful cats, ChuChu, Coco, DD, LaLa, LuLu, MoMo, TT, NaNa, ToTo and DoDo. The cat lover liked to share the beautiful moments online with her friends and followers.

""Be" Recently, Claire decided to create a unique challenge just for her seven kitties. He assembled the cardboard pieces with tape and made a box for the kittens to play in.

LuLu, Claire’s cat (a hybrid of a Scottish Fold cat and a British Shorthair cat), decided to explore the new boxes. He curiously jumped from one container to another and acted like he was looking for something.


Soon LaLa, the blue-eyed, white-furred Napoleon cat, joined her sister LuLu on the field expedition. DD, the male Norwegian forest cat with orange and white fur, found a separate cardboard box to play in.

Momo, an orange cat and the largest of all the cats in appearance, followed the other cats and chose to jump onto the separately stored cardboard box. Soon, Claire began playing with her cats. He played with the magic wand and distracted the kittens.


DD, who was playing alone, decided to get out of the cardboard box. However, the attempt seemed like a disaster as the clumsy cat fell along with the box. Claire had trained the kittens to move their heads at the same time. This made them look funny. An old cat rule said: “If possible, I sit.” These adorable kittens prove this theory. Cats jumping in and out of boxes and playing with their owner show how up they are for challenges.

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