Meet the kitty whose smile went viral online.

They say a smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear, and in Blossom’s case, that’s true.

The adorable rescue kitten has managed to melt hearts and start conversations around the world, simply by agreeing to a photo shoot and flashing the camera a big smile.

The little kitten, who was fostered by her adoptive mother Lauren Boutz along with her two sisters, Bubbles and Buttercup, went viral after a particularly flattering photo of her hit the web.


Lauren Boutz took in Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup when they were just tiny kittens.

At just a week old, they were too young to find their forever families, so they moved in with Boutz, who has fostered many kittens over the years.


The little kittens thrived under Boutz’s care and were soon running around the house.

The sisters were sweet and adventurous and Boutz couldn’t get enough of his little Powerpuff Girls.


One day, Boutz decided to organize a small photo session with the now five-week-old kittens.

The trio was incredibly cute and just had to be immortalized.


It was then that Blossom decided to show her best feature; your smile.

When Boutz focused the camera on the little cat, Blossom gave the camera a big, beautiful smile that has since melted hearts around the world.


The little kitten’s incredibly dazzling smile showed how happy she was living with Boutz and her sisters, and when Boutz posted the image online, it immediately went viral.

People could hardly believe that a cat as cute and precious as Blossom could exist.


Blossom’s smile has spread love and happiness to countless people around the world and has spread awareness about cat rescue, fostering and adoption.

It’s wonderful to imagine how many lives you have touched with your smile and how much happiness a simple smile can inspire.


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