Lionel Messi: Life deserves merit thanks to… women

Lionel Messi always raises his hand to the sky when scoring goals because he is grateful to his grandmother

Every time he scores a goal, the Argentine player – Lionel Messi often points to the sky. His fans often joke that this move means “only the sky is Messi’s limit”. In fact, the captain of the Argentina team has a specific reason behind his gesture to the sky.

He once explained that this move was to commemorate his late grandmother – Celia Olivera Cuccittini. Messi’s grandmother passed away when he was 11 years old.

Lionel Messi: Cuộc đời nên công trạng nhờ... phụ nữ - 1

Messi once confided: “When I gestured to the sky, that’s when I wanted to dedicate the goal to my grandmother. She brought me to football, but now, she can’t witness it. How far have I come. Even so, I believe that she is still watching over me and helping me and my family.

Grandma is a great person in the life of the famous player Messi, he once said: “My two grandchildren often go to local clubs to watch semi-professional football matches, both my family often go to these games because there will be my brothers and cousins playing in teams of different age groups.

I’m the youngest and youngest in the family, so I usually just go to see my brothers play but never join any club, but then at a game that my grandmother and I went to see, when there was a When a team was missing a player, my grandmother went out and told the manager of that club to let me in.

The manager at first disagreed because he thought I was too small and too young to be able to participate. Even so, my grandmother insisted that I could play well and let me in and see. My grandmother was known, loved and respected by everyone. Seeing her insisting like that, they were hesitant at first, but then they gave in and tried to let me into the yard.

People in the city of Rosario (Argentina) call what happened next “the history of football”, because since that day, the talent of the boy Lionel Messi began to be known in the area. local.

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When analyzing the biography of Lionel Messi, one must always mention his grandmother. Messi’s whole family loves football, he soon played with his brothers and cousins from a very young age. At the age of 4, Messi began to be sent to play football by his father. But it is the grandmother who has the biggest influence on Messi.

Mrs. Celia took her grandson to practice sessions, took him to see football games where his brothers and cousins played, and then looked for opportunities for him to go out on the field and try his hand at better players. age and physically superior to me… It is from here that Messi’s talent is revealed.

The passing of his grandmother just before Messi turned 11 was a huge shock to him as a teenager. He loved her very much and since her death, little Messi has started to have a habit of looking up at the sky and pointing to the sky when scoring a goal as a way to remember his loving grandmother.

Mother’s face is the only tattoo appearing on Lionel Messi’s back

Messi has a tattoo of his mother’s face on his left back, on the side with his heart, with the meaning that his mother is his trusted support throughout this life. The tattoo of his mother’s face – Mrs. Celia Maria Cuccittini – is the first tattoo that Messi made, this tattoo shows the love he has for the person who gave birth and raised him.

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The tattoo was first revealed in 2011, when he went on vacation and went topless on a yacht. Messi started away from home to pursue a career as a player since the age of 13, geographical distance has always been the reason why Messi and his mother cannot meet face-to-face often, so Messi wanted a special way to Express your love for your mother.

In January 2011, Lionel Messi was fined 2,000 euros (equivalent to more than 50 million dong) after scoring for FC Barcelona in a match against Racing de Santander.

The reason is because Lionel Messi wanted to dedicate this goal to his mother and he showed that message by pulling up his shirt, revealing the words in Spanish that he wrote on the shirt inside. The content of this text is “Happy birthday mom”.

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The faithful and enduring love that Lionel Messi has for the wife he has met since he was 5 years old

Every tattoo that Messi makes is meaningful, he especially dedicates many tattoos to show his love for his wife.

On Messi’s right bicep has a crown tattoo, both Messi and his wife have a crown tattoo on their arm. The meaning of this tattoo is to talk about the love they have for each other: Antonella is Messi’s queen, Messi is Antonella’s king, for each other they are number one, the most important.

Next to the crown tattoo is an image of an eye with the meaning that the eyes of Antonella – Messi’s wife – will always follow every step of the journey that he goes through.

On his right leg, Messi tattooed the birthday of his wife and three sons. Near Messi’s left hip is a tattoo of a red lip mark symbolizing his wife’s kiss.

Lionel Messi and his wife – Antonela Roccuzzo (34 years old) have met and loved each other since they were two children, at this time, Messi was only 5 years old, Antonela was 4 years old. Later, Antonela became an internal minister with Messi to build a billion-dollar image brand value, contributing to helping him really become rich from his successful football career.

The love between Messi and Antonela is a “young and old” love. They have been engaged in marriage since 2017, but the two have started building a relationship since 2008. Currently, the two have 3 sons. Antonela is always there to support Messi to play with peace of mind, she not only takes care of and takes good care of her family but is also very active with charity activities.

On social networks, Antonela is an influential figure with nearly 24 million followers. Not only that, she is also a fashion designer with her own very popular fashion brand owned by herself.

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Initially, Antonela studied to become a dentist, but after deciding to start a family with Messi, she had to put aside her own career to be able to support Messi as much as possible. This requires that Antonela will have to shoulder many household chores, always ready to move with her husband to accompany and support him in his career as a successful international player.

Messi is the player with the most popular image brand in the international market today. Currently, the fortune he owns is about 600 million USD, he belongs to the group of the richest players in the world.

Almost 30 years have passed since Antonela first met Messi, now, the couple’s life has changed a lot from their humble beginnings. They own many villas in different countries, such as Barcelona and Ibiza (Spain), Miami (USA), Rosario (Argentina)…

However, Antonela’s lifestyle is considered to be simple and tight-lipped. She is not the type of wife who likes to show off, party, shop… Messi’s love is different from most other players’ love stories. He is loved by fans both for his footballing talent and for being a family man, faithful and responsible.

Lionel Messi: Cuộc đời nên công trạng nhờ... phụ nữ - 5

Antonela is the cousin of player Lucas Scaglia – a friend who played with Messi since childhood. From the first time he met Antonela at the house of his friend Lucas, Messi paid special attention to the girl one year younger than him.

Every time Antonela comes to Lucas’s house to play, little Messi always stops by and tries to impress. Messi wrote Antonela love letters, the boy Messi soon wrote a “love letter” expressing to little Antonela that when the two grow up, Antonela will agree to be his girlfriend. me.

As a teenager, Antonela continued to maintain contact with Messi, she often went to watch her cousin and Messi play football in the youth teams. After Messi’s pursuit of a football career showed signs of improvement and he moved to Barcelona at the age of 13, Messi still kept in touch with Antonela.

5 years later, an incident happened, Antonela’s best friend died in a traffic accident, Messi heard the news and felt worried for Antonela, so he immediately returned to Argentina to visit her.

In adulthood, Messi and Antonela realized that they really wanted to start a romantic relationship, even though they would be thousands of miles apart. Although she loves Messi, but Antonela does not neglect to study and orient her career.

She attended college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in humanities and sociology from Rosario National University. After graduating, Antonela again majored in dentistry. But then love forced her to change all plans.

Lionel Messi: Cuộc đời nên công trạng nhờ... phụ nữ - 8

When deciding to stick, Antonela moved to Barcelona to be able to stand by Messi’s side, ending the long-distance relationship, she put aside her own plans, to become a solid rear for her future husband.

In 2012, their first son – boy Thiago was born. The second child – boy Mateo was born in 2015. In 2017, Messi and Antonela officially got married. A year later, the couple welcomed another son, Ciro.

When talking about his wife, Messi always gives respectful words: “She has a lot of good qualities with outstanding advantages. The way she handles daily tasks, her personality, emotional state Her always balanced and very positive emotions…, all of which make me feel admired.

She always deals with problems in a very instructive way. My wife is a smart person and has always excelled in my eyes in all aspects of life.


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