LeBron James Pays Touching Tribute to Kobe Bryant with ‘My Brother’ Tattoo

The design makes a nod to Kobe Bryant’s “Black Mamba” nickname by including a snake into it, and it also includes the deceased athlete’s jersey numbers.Fans are getting a better look at the tattoo that LeBron James got on his body as a memorial to Kobe Bryant, who passed away on Sunday after being involved in a helicopter accident that also claimed the lives of his daughter Gianna and seven other people.LeBron James Honors Kobe Bryant with Emotional 'My Brother' Tattoo Tribute

On Friday, the Los Angeles Lakers star, who is 35 years old, posted a close-up photo of his new tattoo on Instagram. The post was accompanied by a throwback photo of him sitting courtside with Bryant, who is 41 years old.He captioned the photographs with the following: “My brother #Mamba4Life #RIPKobe #RIPGiGi.”As can be seen in the picture, James’ new tattoo depicts a snake, which is a nod to Bryant’s “Black Mamba” moniker, as well as the late athlete’s jersey numbers, which are 8 and 24. In addition to the black serpent, the design also features two roses and the phrases “Mamba 4 Life” written in ink underneath the serpent.In an Instagram Story video that was published on Wednesday, James made the initial public announcement of his memorial tattoo. In the clip, he stated that he was in the process of having an artist named Vanessa Aurelia tattoo a pattern onto his left leg.Anthony Davis, a player for the Los Angeles Lakers, uploaded a video of himself getting a tattoo just like it and put it online, but he has not specified what design he received.”@kingjames, I am so grateful that you gave me the opportunity to create this piece for you!” On Friday, Aurelia revealed her thoughts in an Instagram post. “From the bottom of my heart, I want you to know that it was an honor to work with you, and you’re the dopest!” Making my work a lot easier’!!??#mambamentality #mamba4life #lakers #RIP.”She continued by saying, “@kobebryant you are missed, loved, and cherished throughout many.”LeBron James Honors Kobe Bryant with Emotional 'My Brother' Tattoo TributeWhen Bryant and his daughter Gianna, who was 13 years old at the time, were riding in a helicopter in Calabasas, California, they were on their way to a youth basketball game with other parents and players from the Mamba Sports Academy girls’ team when their chopper crashed on a hill due to hazy weather. Along with them, Sarah and Payton Chester, Christina Mauser, John Altobelli, his wife Keri Altobelli, and their daughter Alyssa Altobelli all perished in the crash. The pilot, Ara Zobayan, was also among those who lost their lives.On Monday night, after hearing the news about the terrible car accident, LeBron James shared the first of two tributes to Kobe Bryant on Instagram.LeBron James Honors Kobe Bryant with Emotional 'My Brother' Tattoo Tribute

“I’m Not Ready, but here I go,” she said. “Man, I’m sitting here trying to write something for this post, but every time I try, I begin crying again just thinking about you, my niece Gigi, and the friendship/bond/brotherhood we had!” Bryant, who won five championships in 20 seasons with the Lakers, stated this. The Lakers won a total of 20 titles during Bryant’s stint with the team.He went on to say, “It’s my responsibility to put this s— on my back and keep it going!!” “Oh, God, please send down your power from the clouds above and keep a watchful eye on me! It’s all thanks to me! I have a lot more to say, but I just can’t do it right now because it’s too difficult for me to go through it all! Until the next time, my dear brother!!”The following day, the three-time NBA champion published a video to his YouTube channel showing him welcoming Kobe Bryant and his girlfriend Gianna during a recent game at the Staples Center.LeBron James Honors Kobe Bryant with Emotional 'My Brother' Tattoo Tribute

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