Join the Marvelous Double-Decker RV Adventure: Featuring a Massive Fisheye Windshield, Spa Room, and a Luxurious 13-Foot Sofa

A car equipped with a spa might sound like something right out of a dream.

But Swiss-led Marchi Mobile has developed a game-changing double-decker RV, equipped with all things VIP including a 13-foot sofa and a luxury rainfall shower.

Distinguished by its huge fisheye windshield and towering 20-foot height, the Element Palazzo Superior might as well be a mansion – with a lounge, kitchen, and light therapy room among the facilities on offer.

Even its master bedroom is fit for a king, with a 6ft 6′ bed supplied by the Royal Family’s very own manufacturers – claimed to make ‘the most comfortable beds in the world.’

Though if you’re on a tight budget, this might not be the one for you, with prices varying between $2-4 million (£1.57-3.13 million) depending on the configuration.

Video: A car with a spa! Marchi Mobile’s game-chaпgiпg doυble-decker RV

Swiss-based Marchi Mobile has unveiled a 20ft-tall mansion on wheels, complete with a spa.

Known as the “Element Palazzo Superior,” this is the flagship model that has earned recognition in over 190 countries as the most luxurious and undoubtedly the most exceptional motorhome to date, according to its designers.

The design of the Element Palazzo Superior speaks for itself, combining design elements from the worlds of motorsports, aviation, and yachting to create a unique masterpiece.

Marchi Mobile asserts that its distinctive panoramic window draws inspiration from both the latest racecars and even helicopters.

Behind this window, you’ll find a “cockpit” that functions like a luxury limousine, accessible via electric sliding doors and equipped with a specialized “aviation dashboard.”

Beyond this impressive cockpit lies a lounge area that can be raised out and above the vehicle’s body to create a walled-in rooftop deck.

“The floor plan of the Element Palazzo Superior will challenge any pre-existing stereotypes of mobile homes. Its purposeful engineering has resulted in a living space that offers maximum comfort for owners and guests,” claims Marchi Mobile.

One of the most outstanding features is a 4-meter-long couch within reach of a bar, a wide cabinet, and an ice maker, not to mention a large TV screen across the room. The open kitchenette adds to the spacious interior atmosphere.

The primary bedroom is truly fit for royalty, boasting a luxurious 6ft6 bed supplied by the Royal Family’s very own bed manufacturer, acclaimed as ‘the most comfortable in the world.’
The RV’s lounge features a 13ft sofa that can be lifted out and positioned above the vehicle to create a rooftop deck with walls.

Distinguished by its enormous panoramic windshield and towering 20-foot height, this van could easily be mistaken for a mansion – complete with a lounge, kitchen, and a light therapy room among the amenities on offer.

Kitcheп facilities are also available withiп the lυxυry eleMMeпt Palazzo Sυperior model
Illustration: The Floorplan of Marchi Mobile’s Luxury Element Palazzo Superior Design
March Mobile claims its RV offers spa-like facilities, including a light therapy room.

Despite its elegant design, the mobile mansion is perfect for road trips, with a structure that’s been compared to expedition vehicles operating on ‘extreme off-road terrains.’

The Palazzo Superior is marketed alongside a number of other Marchi Mobile vehicles, including the ‘jet on wheels’ that’s also known as ‘Viva Private.’

This mega mobile home is laid out just like a plane, set up with massaging seats, a bar, and a stylish bathroom.

But these luxury vehicles will be exclusive to the ‘elite few’ for now, with a spokesperson informing MailOnline that Element will probably always have a VIP audience.

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