Introducing the Red Fan Parrot – a living, feathered rainbow!


Birds exhibit an incredible variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and there is one bird in particular that stands out noticeably in the realm of color. There’s no denying that many birds display stunning color combinations, but this avian wonder, resembling a living kaleidoscope, takes center stage as one of the most notable sights you’ll encounter.

With its harmonious fusion of vibrant hues, this exquisite creature is an absolute visual delight. Its appearance resembles the living embodiment of a rainbow, wrapped in feathery elegance, and its stunning beauty is truly a sight to behold.

Introducing the Red Fan Parrot - a living, feathered rainbow!
Chances are you’ve encountered green parrots before, and this particular one shares a similarity, albeit with a unique twist: a striking red crown that tops off its already colorful plumage. However, its eccentric visual appeal is just the beginning of what makes this bird fascinating, as it is also known for its playful and lively personality.Its vibrant pattern is similar to a gecko’s vivid skin, but even more dazzling. The striking red fan that adorns its neck differentiates it from its similar counterparts, making it easily recognizable within its species.

Discover this extraordinary bird, a true embodiment of tropical vibes with its dazzling variety of hues!

Introducing the Red Fan Parrot – a living, feathered rainbow!

Introducing the Red Fan Parrot - a living, feathered rainbow!

The red fan parrot, known scientifically as Deroptyus accipitrinus, is also recognized by other names such as Guiana Hawk-headed and Hawk Headed Parrot. This species of bird is famous for its unique feature: the stretching of its neck feathers to form a stunning and intricate red fan, magnifying its appearance as a defense mechanism against predators and potential threats.

These parrots exhibit predominantly green plumage, complemented by brown lores and cheeks, which are adorned with white stripes. In particular, the feathers on the nape and underparts exhibit a deep red hue outlined by a captivating shade of blue. The feathers under the tail and those used to fly are grayish blue, while its legs also have a gray tone.

Introducing the Red Fan Parrot - a living, feathered rainbow!

Its facial area is characterized by a dark brown color, accented with small white feathers that form stripes on the head. Adult red fan parrots have yellow eyes surrounded by a black circular region, while younger ones have brown eyes.

Interestingly, there is little to no distinction between males and females of this species, as they share a nearly identical appearance.

These red fan parrots mainly live in serene forests, one of their natural habitats being the Amazon rainforest. Its range is exclusive to a significant part of South America, extending westwards to southeastern Colombia, northeastern Peru, and southern Venezuela.

They tend to prefer virgin forests or savanna forests, particularly at altitudes up to 400 meters. Flooded areas and cleared forests are areas they normally avoid.

Introducing the Red Fan Parrot - a living, feathered rainbow!

Their diet mainly consists of a variety of foods such as fruits, flowers, buds, seeds, leaves and nuts in the wild. However, when they are in captivity, their diet usually includes dark green vegetables, oranges, and greens. They particularly enjoy palm fruits and guava.

These specific species of parrots can exhibit aggressive behavior and handling them can be challenging in many cases. Despite their potentially feisty temperament, they can still form strong bonds with their peers and caregivers, although achieving this requires a considerable amount of patience and perseverance.

Although they are generally silent when alone, they can wreak havoc with high-pitched hisses and high-pitched screeches when agitated. Additionally, they can occasionally imitate human speech and even whisper or produce human-like sounds.

Introducing the Red Fan Parrot - a living, feathered rainbow!

Red fan parrots are known to form lifelong bonds with their mates, creating their nests inside tree stumps and holes. The female parrot typically lays about two or three eggs after an incubation period of about twenty-six days. During this time, the male takes care of the female and the eggs.

In the wild, young parrots generally begin their fledging process around 10 weeks of age.

While this bird could be considered one of the more expensive pet options, its stunning appearance is truly a visual delight. Female red fan parrots are rarer than males, adding to their uniqueness and value.

What do you think about this unusual and striking bird? Share your thoughts below or share this information with your family and friends to start a discussion!

Introducing the Red Fan Parrot - a living, feathered rainbow!

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