Introducing the 2023 Ford Ranger Wildtrak X: The Perfect Choice for Off-Road Enthusiasts

Ford is proud to announce its latest addition to the Ranger pickup truck lineup, the Ranger Wildtrak X 2023. This more advanced version of the Wildtrak is set to offer sporty driving and off-road capabilities, and is positioned below the high-performance Raptor variant.

The Ranger Wildtrak X 2023 features a bold and rugged design with a black grille cluster and a wider honeycomb mesh. The car also features a Matrix LED headlight cluster, combined with a “C”-shaped daytime running LED strip. It also has 17-inch wheels with exclusive 6-spoke dual-spoke design, and General Grabber AT3 265/70 R17 off-road tires.

In addition to its exterior design, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak X is also equipped with a foldable roof rack and a sports bar that slides up/down in the cargo box. It also comes with an exclusive Cyber Orange paint color.

On the inside, the Ranger Wildtrak X features a 12.4-inch digital dashboard, a 12-inch vertical central touchscreen, and a high-end B&O sound system. The seats are upholstered in suede and leather, with embroidery and some orange accents. The Wildtrak X logo appears on the backrest, steps up and down, and the taplo face.

Under the hood, the Ranger Wildtrak X is powered by a 2.0L 4-cylinder twin-turbo diesel engine with a capacity of 201 horsepower and torque of 500Nm, combined with a 10-speed automatic transmission. It is also the first version of the Ford Ranger to meet the stricter Euro 6 emission standards. The car is equipped with an AWD full-time 4-wheel drive system instead of a part-time configuration as on the Wildtrak version.

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak X is also equipped with a new Bilstein Position-Sensitive Dampers suspension system with End Stop Control Valve (ESCV) technology to help increase control and balance when running off-road. It also has a higher ground clearance of 26 cm than the Wildtrak version.

The Ranger Wildtrak X also features the same tech as the Ranger Raptor line, such as the trail turn assist system (Trail Turn Assist), trail cruise control (Trail Control), and the rock crawl driving mode. Trail Control acts as a cruise control system when running off-road, allowing the car to maintain a speed of 32 km/h, while Rock Crawl helps optimize traction in harsh terrain conditions when the vehicle is operated in low-altitude 4WD mode.

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak X 2023 will be available at dealers in Australia from the second half of this year, with prices starting at 75,990 AUD (approximately $56,500). With its advanced features and off-road capabilities, the Ranger Wildtrak X is sure to be a hit with pickup truck enthusiasts and off-roaders alike.

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