Introducing Samson: New York City’s Largest Cat, Weighing 28 Pounds and Stretching 4 Feet Long!

Introducing Samson, the largest cat in New York, weighing 28 pounds and measuring a remarkable four feet long. This massive kitty is even pampered with his own oversized carriage and enjoys playing fetch, much like a pup. Samson, who is a Maine Coon breed and only four years old, has gained quite a following on Instagram with over 104,000 fans. His impressive size has made him quite the celebrity.

Jonathan Zurbel, pictured with Samson, said he made his cat famous on Instagram now that he as some 104,000 followers

With his cat Samson by his side, Jonathan Zurbel proudly claims credit for making him an internet sensation on Instagram. Samson now boasts of a massive fan following of over 104,000 people.

The 42-year-old DJ from New York said Samson will eat six tins of cat food a day and costs $120 to groom every month 

According to a DJ hailing from New York who’s aged 42, his feline pet Samson has quite an appetite, consuming six cans of cat food daily and requiring a monthly grooming cost of $120.

Zurbel said his monster-sized cat has made him irresistible to women who want to come over to his apartment to see Samson

According to DJ Jonathan Zurbel, his cat, Samson, has become the center of attention on Instagram since he adopted him from his brother. Samson has grown to become a celebrity on social media platforms due to his massive size. The owner revealed that Samson’s weight kept increasing, and the vet confirmed that he was the largest cat on the registry, earning him the title of the “monster-sized cat.” Samson’s insatiable appetite requires him to consume six cans of food each day. To ensure that his feline friend always looks his best, Zurbel spends $120 every few months on grooming. Despite his size, Samson is a gentle and loving cat that gets along well with dogs. He even enjoys watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 on Zurbel’s iPad. Not only has Samson become famous, but he has also helped Zurbel’s love life. Girls are attracted to him, and many want to visit Zurbel’s apartment to meet the famous cat, who is undoubtedly a playboy.

Zurbel enjoys taking his furry friend Samson on walks using a special stroller meant just for him. It never fails to bring smiles to the faces of those who see them out and about.

Zurbel believes other people should consider rescuing a cat as they make excellent companions 

According to Zurbel, rescuing a cat is a great idea as they make wonderful companions. Samson, his beloved cat, often attracts attention from people when he is taken out for walks. Many people are surprised to see the large cat and assume that Zurbel is carrying a child in a stroller. Owning a big cat comes with big responsibilities, such as providing a huge litter box and purchasing dog carriers and leashes for Samson. As Samson has gained popularity, Zurbel plans on releasing a mixtape where Samson will contribute by helping to mix the music. Zurbel hopes that Samson’s fame will inspire more people to adopt rescue cats as there are many cats out there that need homes. Zurbel considers Samson as his son and a member of his family, and he would never consider selling him. He challenges others to come forward if they have a bigger cat than Samson, who is the biggest cat in New York.

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