Inside the $2.7 Million Mercedes-AMG Project ONE: Unveiling the Ultimate Driving Experience

When you switch it into race mode, this car comes alive. It lowers, the gills at the front pop open, and the spoiler at the back of the car shoots out.
This is the long-awaited Mercedes-AMG Project ONE and it’s bringing Formula 1 technology from the track to the streets.

This hypercar is a beast, producing over 1,000 hp.

To put that in perspective, that powers it from 0-200km/h in less than six seconds and sends it on to a top speed of over 350km/h.

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE design

This car isn’t just powerful, it looks incredible too.

When you switch it into race mode, the car lowers, the gills at the front pop open, and the spoiler at the back of the car shoots out.

The car has of course been designed to be as aerodynamic as possible.

At the front, it has striking carbon fiber detailing on the hood which tells the wind where to go.

Meanwhile, at the back of the car, it has a huge shark fin.


The 1.6-liter V6 is exactly the same as what you get in a Formula 1 engine.

The Mercedes F1 team usually only makes about 12 of these engines per year.

Now, they’ll be making three per week to create all 275 units.


Inside, the car has a futuristic, minimalist style.

The cabin has a carbon fiber support that separates the driver and pᴀssenger seats.

The seats themselves are covered in beautiful nappa leather with a sporty textile mesh inlay.

The bucket seats can’t actually be moved, instead, you have to move the pedals with a big red lever.

The Project ONE steering wheel is packed with a bunch of crazy ʙuттons you don’t want to push by accident.

One of those ʙuттons says ‘pᴀss’ and you press this when you want to overtake someone.

To use this feature, you press the ʙuттon and hold down the shift lever.

With that, it’ll shift down as many gears as possible so the revs are sent high, allowing you to overtake someone without breaking a sweat.


This hypercar has a couple of different modes, including ‘race safe’ mode.

In this mode, the car will choose whether you use just combustion, just electric, or a combination of both.

It also has EV mode and a hardcore Race mode.

Mercedes-AMG will make just 275 units of the Project ONE.

Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, and David Coulthard are rumored to be among those 275 customers.

A-lister Mark Wahlberg and real estate mogul Manny Koshbin are also reportedly on the list to receive one.

Price and availability

The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE reportedly costs a cool USD $2.72 million.

But even if you’ve got that kind of money, you’re out of luck because all 275 units are already spoken for.

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