How well-known golfers attract gorgeous and seductive WAGs

Dàn WAGs quyến rũ của những tay golf nổi tiếng
Pop star Paulina Gretzky got engaged to Dustin Johnson in August 2013 after dating for 7 months and they were finally married in April 2022 at the luxury Blackberry Farm resort in Tennessee, USA. The beauty is not only a singer but also pursues a career in acting and modeling. She has more than 1 million followers on the social networking site, where she confidently shows off her perfect body in hot outfits.
Dàn WAGs quyến rũ của những tay golf nổi tiếng
Jena Sims met Brooks Koepka in 2015 and the couple officially moved in together in June 2022. She is a famous actress and model, having participated in many hit movies such as Attack Of The 50 Foot Cheerleader, Sharknado 5: The Swarming,… Pink Ball also won the title of Miss Georgia Teen USA. 2007.
Dàn WAGs quyến rũ của những tay golf nổi tiếng
American professional footballer Rickie Fowler announced his engagement to Allison Stokke in June 2018 after proposing on the beach. Then, the couple got married in October 2019.In November 2021, the small family welcomed their first child, daughter Maya. The 34-year-old beauty is a former pole vaulter and since then she has also modeled for fashion brands like Nike and Uniqlo. Currently, she has more than 700,000 followers on her personal page.
Dàn WAGs quyến rũ của những tay golf nổi tiếng
A couple from college, Spanish golfer Jon Rahm and his American wife Kelley Cahill lived together for two years before officially getting married last December in the Spanish city of Bilbao. Like his “other half”, Cahill is also a sports lover. She used to compete in javelin throw and excellent tennis player.
Dàn WAGs quyến rũ của những tay golf nổi tiếng
Sports reporter Angela Akins married Sergio Garcia at the end of 2017 in Texas, USA. Before that, she was married to another golfer, Ross Hamann. After being at peace with Garcia, the young beauty welcomed two more children, daughter Azalea and son Enzo.
Dàn WAGs quyến rũ của những tay golf nổi tiếng
Irish golfer Rory McIlroy married Erica Stoll , American in April 2017. The wedding took place at Ashford Castle in Ireland, and guests included Stevie Wonder, Chris Martin and One Direction star Niall Horan. Despite having a famous husband, Erica is said to prefer a quiet life, less noise and away from the media’s lenses.
Dàn WAGs quyến rũ của những tay golf nổi tiếng
Former gymnasts Kate Phillips and Justin Rose began dating in 2000 and have two children together. The couple married in 2006 and is now one of the longest-running loves in sports as the two have just celebrated more than two decades together and 17 years as husband and wife.
Dàn WAGs quyến rũ của những tay golf nổi tiếng
Scottie Scheffler and Meredith Scudder were childhood friends and married in 2020, at Arlington Hall in Dallas, after 6 years of dating. The two are quite secretive about their love life. Scheffler almost never shares pictures with his wife on social networks, and his personal account is set to private. However, the beauty is often spotted at her husband’s matches to cheer and support him.

Maria Sharapova’s autobiography “Unstoppable: My life so far” and penned by journalist Rich Cohen, published in 2017, tells the story of a Russian doll’s career overcoming many hardships to once rise to become a digital tennis player. one world and won many Grand Slams. Not only that, the autobiography also shows the complicated relationships of this tennis player.

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