How about renaming it to “Butterfly Elegance: A Source of Inspiration”

Butterflies are found all over the world, in a wide variety of species, and many of them are exceptionally beautiful. They, therefore, provide almost endless inspiration for tattoo artists. Butterflies have been celebrated and shown in many arts. People are so in love with their pixie-like nature.

If you happen to be planning a papillon tattoo, the beautiful butterfly tattoo designs we have put together will provide you with some inspiration.

1. Ink style butterfly tattoo

Free ink style tattoos can perfectly show the butterfly ink floating and dynamic.


2. Finger butterfly ink

This small tattoo is very suitable for the gentle lady to choose.

3. Starlight butterfly ink

The butterfly ink on the forearm combines starlight and hearts with a pretty crescent moon.

It is serene and beautiful.


4. Family love to get a butterfly ink


Peruse our compilation of the perfect butterfly tattoos. They can inspire your next tattoo idea.


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