Gentle grouse impresses with its “potent” appearance

Despite its name, it is a gentle partridge, but it impresses viewers with its fierce, “pitious” appearance.

Sage partridges live mainly in bushes and grasslands in the western United States, southern Alberta and Saskatchewan (Canada).

The appearance of the rooster is quite impressive by the wide spreading tail like a fan, in front of the neck there are 2 large yellow bumps. Their fur is gray-brown striped. Adult males weigh about 3 kg and females about 1.5 kg. Currently, the sage partridge is one of the rare and endangered animals.

They usually mate and breed in the spring from February to April. Males often use their feathers and 2 lumps on the front of their neck to attract mates. In one litter, the mother hen lays 6-8 eggs and hatches after 25-27 days of incubation. After 2-3 weeks of age, the chicks can fly. They will separate from their parents when they are 10-12 weeks old.

Chickens lovingly eat herbaceous plants such as dandelion, sage, or legumes, insects…

Gà gô hiền gây ấn tượng với vẻ ngoài “hầm hố”

Lương Ngọc (Tổng hợp)

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