Facing jail for breeding the “fattest” cat in the world


Russia The owner of Lyznia, the “world’s fattest” cat weighing up to 21 kg, is being threatened by the online community to denounce “animal abuse” for letting his pet grow too big.

Đối mặt lao lý vì nuôi con mèo "béo nhất thế giới" - KhoaHoc.tv

Lyznia is a gray female cat dubbed “the fattest cat in the world” by many with a lovely face and chubby body. It is also an Instagram “star” with more than 11,000 followers on this social network.

After photos of the obese cat went viral on the internet, the owner recently began receiving critical comments for overfeeding the pet and not caring about its health.

However, the woman later responded to the criticism, saying that Lyznia had been having weight problems since her first pregnancy several years ago.

Faced with punishment for raising the 'world's fattest' cat
According to the owner’s explanation, Lyznia suffered from uncontrolled weight gain after giving birth. Photo: Instagram fedupcat

“There was some misunderstanding. Let me clarify. We have never tried to overfeed Liznya. She doesn’t even eat anything other than her diet food. It’s true that the cat does. My cat got pregnant and gave birth, but I’m not sure this is the exact reason why she became obese,” the cat’s owner Lyznia explained.

Đối mặt lao lý vì nuôi con mèo "béo nhất thế giới" - KhoaHoc.tv

She explained that Lyznia suffered from uncontrolled weight gain after her first pregnancy, despite the examination and treatment with the veterinarian. The cat was prescribed various weight loss foods, but she continued to gain weight until she was eating only 29 grams of granular food per meal.

Nga: Chủ nhân nhận khiển trách khi khoe mèo béo mũm mĩm ít thấy

Despite all the explanations, accusations of animal cruelty continued to appear in the comments, with many accusing its owners of slowly killing Lyznia. “If the situation continues, I swear I will report you to the police for animal abuse,” one Lyznia fan commented with hatred.

In an effort to reassure people and avoid trouble with the law, Lyznia’s owner even posted a video of the cat eating exactly 29 grams of diet cat food per day.


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