Emboldened by optimism, a courageous litter of kittens sets out on a perilous journey in search of a better tomorrow that is full of possibilities and optimism.

These two tabby kittens have come a long way since they were found abandoned on the streets of Kuwait.

They were just skin and bones and very sickly when animal rescuers of Kuwait Animal Aid scooped them up and rushed them to get help. One kitten was born with a congenital deformity that affects the right side of her face.

Rescuers also found a third littermate, and they brought the trio to a foster home to be cared for around the clock.

Through tireless efforts, the two sisters, Shiva (one-eyed) and Vishnu, perked up and started putting on weight. The third kitten, Amani, developed a viral infection and had to be separated and treated.

Despite all the odds against these “unwanted” kittens, volunteers of the rescue never stopped fighting for them.


Shiva is missing her right eye and has a cleft nose, but she didn’t let it stop her. As soon as she got pep under her feet, she started bouncing around and wrestling with her sister.

Kuwait Animal Aid works with partner rescues in the US to help these deserving kitties find forever homes. When the two sisters were ready to travel, they flew across the ocean, all the way to California.


Rafiki’s Rescue (based in Anaheim) took them on, so Shiva could receive proper care and diagnostics for her congenital condition.

“When they arrived, they were instantly some of the most loving, affectionate kitties we had ever met — so full of love, joy, and so much energy,” Megan of Rafiki’s Rescue shared with Love Meow.


“They would make biscuits all night and play fetch like dogs all day long. It was their big energy that led us to discover that Shiva’s condition was more than what meets the eye – she became winded quickly and began panting, trying to catch her breath.”

Shiva was one of the most playful kittens at the rescue and always on the go despite her condition.

With a CT scan and opinions from two specialists, they concluded that there were no surgical options for Shiva’s complicated nasal passage.

“The good news is that she can still live a life just as full and happy. She just needs regulated playtime and a temperature-regulated environment.”


The one-eyed tabby takes everything in stride and continues living each day to the fullest. Her sister, Vishnu, is always close by, creating antics or snuggling up a storm with her.

“Shiva hasn’t a clue that life could get any better than it already is. She is truly full of joy each and every day.”


After being pulled from the streets and traveling to another continent, the two sisters blossomed into beautiful young cats and were finally ready to seek their dream home.


“A wonderful couple fell in love with their playful personalities. We let them go on a foster-to-adopt… and they fell right back in love with their new parents and their new puppy friends.”


The third littermate, Amani, recovered after months of great care. She also went on a trip across the ocean to Rafiki’s Rescue.

“We could not leave behind their sister. Amani finally made the journey to us last month after completing her treatment, and is now looking for a home as well.”


Shiva and Vishnu are living the dream with their loving family, filling their new home with endless purrs and snuggles.



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