Discover Ikiru, the popular internet star dubbed the “Blep King,” who wins millions of fans’ hearts online with his cute emotions.


Despite the abundance of cat images circulating online, these feline creatures have a way of winning people’s affections in various ways. Whether it’s their adorable appearance, quirky behavior, or distinctive features, each cat has a special charm that sets them apart from the rest. One of those cats that stands out is Ikiru, who captivates people with his unique and unrepeatable appearance.image

With a pair of big gray eyes and a wet black nose, he is quite a sight to behold. And to add to his exuberant personality, his tongue tends to stick out of his mouth, creating some hilariously silly expressions. Affectionately known as the “King of Bleps,” Ikiru has gained a large following on Instagram.


When Rich and Emma came across Ikiru’s photo on a breeder’s website, they fell in love with the adorable feline. Their affection for the cat only grew stronger after their initial meeting, leading them to bring him home just four weeks later.image

Rich and Emma have expressed that their feline companion brings immense joy and entertainment to their lives. The kitten’s quirky facial expressions and playful antics often leave them in fits of laughter. The fact that they can share these moments with the world through social media is truly amazing.


According to the statement given to Bored Panda, people from different regions of the world have been sending messages expressing how the subject’s silly expressions, adorableness, and features brighten their day. Additionally, it also serves as inspiration for fan art, with people producing exceptional illustrations that accurately depict their playful behavior.image

The Instagram page @neko.ikiru.san was created to showcase the everyday adventures of Ikiru and his human family. With over 185,000 followers, the account has become quite popular. Ikiru is depicted with a standard profile photo, and is described by his parents as a short-haired cat who loves fish and enjoys causing trouble while hanging upside down. The page’s following is growing steadily and shows no signs of slowing down.image

It’s hard to tell if Ikiru is just an ordinary cat or if his unique facial expressions are the result of an underlying health condition. Based on what Rich and Emma told us, it’s definitely something to ponder.image

Our cat Ikiru is in very good health according to our veterinarian, who was impressed by his exceptional teeth. Although he doesn’t always stick his tongue out, it’s a quirky habit that gives him some funny facial expressions.image

Enjoy watching the collection below:image

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