Delivers All-Arctic White on Tiffany Blue Experience in Stunning Cullinan Remake

Unlike Scott Disick with his all-black Rolls-Royce Cullinan rolling with a crimson interior in a 26-inch Forgiato, other wealthy owners have already understood that the murdered-out style has become yesterday’s news for the British ultra-luxury SUV .

Fat Joe, for example, recently gave us a glimpse of his two-tone white and blue Cullinan, and even matched his outfit for the occasion. Speaking of these serene colors that usually give us comfortably drowsy dreams of summer, five-star resorts and crystal-clear ocean waters, there’s an even better aftermarket treatment for the massive Rolls-Royce SUV.

Stunning Cullinan Remake Offers a Full Arctic White Over Tiffany Blue Experience - autoevolution

The good folks at RDB LA, based in Hollywood, California, have another Cullinan treat that stands out enthusiastically in any luxury SUV crowd and could easily embarrass any fan who thinks a Bentley Bentayga, Lambo Urus or Aston Martin DBX could look more outrageously cooler. that this. So what we have here trying to hypnotize us into buying a plane ticket to the Caribbean was a formerly gray Rolls. It wouldn’t be so tempting if the Cullinan stayed in stock, would it?

All White Rolls Royce Cullinan by #ROADSTARR #RSM - YouTube

Well, there’s no chance of this SUV ever going unnoticed again through the complete transformation that includes an almost 100% monochrome Arctic White paint job. Even the classically custom multi-spoke wheels have been painted to match, and as far as we can tell, every detail (plus the Spirit of Ecstasy) met the same snowy fate.

Stunning Cullinan Remake Offers a Full Arctic White Over Tiffany Blue Experience - autoevolution

Alas, it seems that the aftermarket experts, or perhaps the owner (is that “Lil Momma” embroidery inside a hint that we’re dealing with singer Lil Mama’s latest ride?) still wanted to make sure that strangers would know what the hell is going on. inside the cozy Cullinan cabin. After all, this Rolls-Royce also underwent a complete transformation to become a Tiffany Blue stunner and now even comes with a bespoke lighting setup to ensure you can turn any night into a fibre-adorned “daytime party”. carbon.

Custom Rolls Royce Cullinan Inside & Out, Frozen Arctic White with Tiffany Blue. - YouTube

Stunning Cullinan Remake Offers a Full Arctic White Over Tiffany Blue Experience - autoevolution

Stunning Cullinan Remake Offers a Full Arctic White Over Tiffany Blue Experience - autoevolution


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