Coach Ten Hag’s Remarks on Manchester United’s Acquisition of Neymar

Recently, the French press has simultaneously reported that the Paris Saint-Germain leadership wants to sell striker Neymar in the summer transfer window of 2023 in order to cut the salary budget and have more funds to reinvest in the business. other service.

It is known that President Nasser Al-Khelaifi is intending to rebuild the club to help PSG compete for the Champions League title next season. In addition to Neymar, superstar Lionel Messi will also leave the Park of the Princes from the end of the 2022/23 season.

Coach Ten Hag spoke out about MU’s recruitment of Neymar
Coach Ten Hag does not deny the possibility of MU buying Neymar. Photo: Getty.

According to the French press, the next destination in Neymar’s career could be MU or Chelsea. In particular, the possibility of the 31-year-old star landing at Old Trafford is the greatest, because the “Red Devils” need to strengthen more strikers in the “market” summer 2023.

In the summer of 2017, PSG broke the transfer record in the history of world football when spending 200 million pounds (222 million euros) to break Neymar’s contract with Barca. However, because the Brazilian striker has turned 32 years old, his current transfer fee will certainly be much cheaper.

There is even a source that PSG is ready to “release” Neymar if any club has a full 90 million euros on the negotiating table. The contract between the Brazilian player and the team at the Park of the Princes is valid until June 2025, along with a salary of 40 million euros/year.

With its financial potential, MU can completely meet the above price as well as Neymar’s salary. Although he has entered the slope of his career, the striker born in 1992 is still considered one of the best strikers in the world today.

This season, Neymar often had to miss the game due to injury but he still contributed to PSG 18 goals and 17 assists after 29 matches. In addition to the position of a striker, he can also play well in the role of a left winger.

When asked by reporters about the possibility of MU buying Neymar, coach Erik ten Hag said: “When there is news, we will notify you”.


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