“Cloud-Haired Princesses”: Three stunning young women stand out with their exceptional and charming hair.



Not only famous for her singing talent, Bellamiie is also noticed for her beautiful appearance that is likened to a muse. The girl was born in 1999, currently lives and works in the UK.


With her characteristic red hair, big round eyes and attractive expression, Bellamiie is chosen by many brands as the face of the brand. In addition to modeling, she also has a passion for singing. In 2018, 9X released the song “Sleepy Boy” which was well received by many people.


Currently, the Ukrainian muse has more than 244,000 followers on Instagram. She pursues an elegant, luxurious, and sexy style.


Julia Adamenko


Julia Adamenko (born 1998, from Ukraine) owns 370,000 followers on Instagram thanks to her striking red hair and beautiful doll-like appearance.


Photos of hot Ukrainian girls always receive more than 10,000 likes and compliments. “Aren’t all European girls so beautiful, I like her for her hair color and captivating eyes,” user elicailna_hzdnr commented under one of Adamenko’s posts.


Thanks to the advantage of appearance, 9X became a pretty “expensive” photo model in Ukraine. In addition to showing off sexy photos, the 21-year-old girl often posts photos of cooking and her pet cat Ruby.


Laura Roxanna


In addition to possessing a lovely face and a well-proportioned body, Laura Roxanna (24 years old) is also noted for her natural red hair. Because of this feature, many people favorably call her “red-haired hot girl”, “cloud-haired princess”.


Roxanna currently lives in Allgau, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Thanks to the rare natural red hair, 9X is often chosen as a photo model for a number of brands. On her personal page, which has 79,000 followers, she often posts photos showing off her travels and flowing hair.


In addition to hair care, she is also interested in fashion. German hot girl often chooses dynamic, youthful but no less attractive outfits.


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