Classic Revived: The Moskvich AZLK-2141 2022-2023

The first family Moskvich AZLK-2141 2022-2023 is finally presented. It could be like Volvo, only better.

Despite the presentation, which showed drawings of future cars, a lot of industry news and rumors, today it is quite difficult to understand what the new «Moskvichy» will be like.

The reason is that there is contradictory information from the project participants.

Новый кроссовер Москвич АЗЛК-2141 "Святогор" 2022-2023 показали на первых  фото

However, it is now possible to assume the direction in which the Moscow car plant will develop.

It is more likely that it will begin to produce cars that will be presented in segments where there is little competition.

One of the options for future Moskvich models could be a station wagon. Domestic designer has published several renderings, which reveal the potential appearance of such a car.

Versions have always had limited demand in Russia. This is partly due to the fact that such cars cost more than sedans. And not everyone is ready to overpay for a larger luggage compartment.

But today there are optimal conditions for the Moskvich station wagon. Many players in this segment have either left Russia, or temporarily suspended the production of family cars.

That is, the Moskvich station wagon, if such a model is actually created, will have no direct competitors.

Moskvich AZLK-2141 2022-2023.

It is this reason that will probably make the Moscow automobile plant launch the production of such a car. It is not excluded that budget crossovers will not be able to return investments quickly.

Despite the fact that the Russian market has been deprived of many such cars, the voids will soon have to be filled by Chinese models.

«Moskvich» with a high degree of probability will not have time to complete the development of inexpensive crossovers before their Chinese counterparts come to Russia.

Therefore the production of a station wagon is one of the best options that will help restore the production process at the Moscow car plant.

In addition the Moskvich AZLK 2022-2023 is in line with the logic of the recent announcement by KAMAZ.

Moskvich AZLK-2141 2022-2023.

Representatives of the Kama auto plant have refuted the previously published information that the new Moskvich will be a reworked version of the JAC model.

The presented station wagon does not look like cars of the Chinese company.

However, Moscow Automobile Plant will borrow the technologies needed to create such a model from JAC. In particular, engines, transmissions and onboard equipment are to be taken from the Chinese company.

Design. Visually new station wagon AZLK-2141 2022-2023 looks like Volvo V60. The Russian model, like the Swedish model, has flat body details, strongly elongated front end and stepped stern.

However, a detailed analysis of the exterior shows that the new «Moskvich» has a unique design.

Moskvich AZLK-2141 2022-2023.

The Russian station wagon has a sharper sloping roof line, which in combination with the elongated front part of the body gives the car a swift look.

Also the new «Moskvich» looks bigger than Volvo V60. That is, the domestic model can potentially be even more comfortable than the Swedish one, due to more interior space.

At the same time the new «Moskvich» is a car designed for long trips, but on smooth pavement. The designer has created a station wagon with too low ground clearance and comparatively compact wheels, which are hidden in large arches. Perhaps the production model (if it appears) will eliminate these shortcomings. Especially since the size of the arches allows the installation of larger wheels.

The long hood hints at the fact that it hides a powerful engine. But as shown above, the power units for the new Moskvich will most likely be supplied by the JAC company which equips its passenger cars with small engines.

The hood of the Russian model has a noticeable curve and extends far enough forward. This solution, by the way, is typical not for Volvo, but for Mazda.

The similarity with the models of Japanese brand is also traced in the fact that the radiator grille with headlights are sunk into the body.

Moskvich AZLK-2141 2022-2023.

The front lights in the Russian wagon have a regular shape, which emphasizes the overall classic style selected for the body of the presented car.

This effect is complemented by LED strips, laid at the bottom. On the published renders they also stretch along the radiator grille of a non-standard shape, but on the production car they will be abandoned.

The front bumper has a curved configuration, which gives it a sporty look. On the sides of it are made of black plastic inserts, which are located inside the compact fog lights, and in the center is a trapezoidal air intake.

In the rear, the new Moskvich AZLK 2022-2023 more like Volvo V60. But this design of the stern is typical for station wagons in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

That is, in the design of the rear of the body is also traced adherence to the classic style.

The Russian novelty has a large stern optics, part of which stretches along the perimeter of the window. The rear bumper is complemented by a wide plastic overlay.

Technical Specifications The basis for the presented wagon «Moskvich» can make up the platform, on which the JAC J7 is based.

From this liftback to the Russian novelty then will pass power units and all available equipment. That is, station wagon AZLK-2141 2022-2023 will be equipped with 1.5-liter engine, the maximum output of which reaches 136 hp.

It is combined with a 6-speed manual transmission or variator. However, the second option is less likely, because the box is of French origin.

Perhaps especially for the station wagon developers will increase the output of the 1.5-liter engine to 150 hp, as this unit is supplemented by a turbine, and the car has more weight than the JAC J7.

Timing of the release on the market Company «Moskvich» still does not announce any exact date of appearance of their models. More precisely, the manufacturer names a target date, which at any time can be shifted.

Therefore, if «Moskvich» really decides to create such a station wagon, its appearance can be expected no earlier than 2023.




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