Cat Protected Her Newborn Kittens from the Cold Until Rescue Came, Now Lives Her Happily Ever After

A cat kept her unborn kittens from harsh weather until help arrived. Months later, she finally had her dream come true.

imageCamilla the cat and her kittensCatsnip Etc

Early this year, a tortoiseshell cat was spotted on the side of the road by a Good Samaritan (from Indiana) who was driving by the area. The stray was covered in ice and snow and curled up into a ball, desperately trying to stay warm.

“The Good Samaritan immediately turned around and scooped her up. She was so friendly and sweet and never stopped purring,” Missy McNeal of Catsnip Etc told Love Meow.

Volunteers of Catsnip Etc picked her up the next day and got her situated into a loving foster home. They didn’t know what happened to her prior to being found, but discovered some scratches on the cat and that some of her toenails were injured.

imageCatsnip Etc

They named the tortie Camilla, and she was an instant love-bug to everyone she came across. Two days after arrival, she gave birth to a litter of four healthy kittens in a comfortable place, away from the elements of the outdoors.

Camilla adored her kittens and catered to their every need. “The first day, she would sit up and cover her kittens to protect them. Once she knew we wanted to help her, she was more than happy to let us check on the little ones,” Missy shared with Love Meow.

imageShe was a wonderful cat momCatsnip Etc

Camilla was underweight and didn’t produce enough milk to feed all the hungry months. Volunteers started supplementing her litter around the clock to make sure that they were healthy and that their bellies were kept full.

“She was malnourished and very skinny when she was found. She didn’t mind at all when we came to help feed her kittens. She knew they needed the extra help and she seemed very grateful.”

imageCoco, Cora, Chanel and CarlCatsnip Etc

The kittens (Coco, Cora, Chanel, and Carl) were eating like champs and never lacked an ounce of love. With a bountiful supply of food, Camilla started to put on weight. She kept her kittens close when she replenished herself, and watched over them every step of the way.

“At 4 1/2 weeks old, the kittens were getting to the fun stage where their personalities were starting to show,” the rescue shared. “They were climbing cat trees when their mom wasn’t paying attention.”

imageCatsnip Etc

When the kittens were big enough to venture out of the nest on their own, Camilla started to loosen up her grip but still kept a watchful eye on them. She was so content knowing that her babies would never have to spend a day on the street.

Camilla watched her kittens blossom into healthy, playful teens and was ready to let them spread their wings and fly. She began to spend more time with her people, demanding attention and soaking up all the love.

imageCatsnip Etc

All four kittens quickly found good homes when they were old enough, but Camilla found herself still waiting for that special family to come her way. She would stand by the glass wall and hope someone would stop for her.

One by one, many other cats left the adoption center with their forever humans. “She was the only one left in our adoption room after a busy day of adoptions.”

imageCatsnip Etc

A week later on Memorial Day, a family came to visit Camilla. They were completely enamored by the sweet tortie who greeted them with snuggles and loud purrs.

imageCatsnip Etc

Camilla kept her purr motor running strong as they held her in their arms and made her a permanent part of their family.

Three and a half months after she was rescued, the tortie finally had her dream come true!

imageCamilla found her forever humansCatsnip Etc

“She is going to love being the queen of her new house and getting all the attention.”

imageCatsnip Etc

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