Cat Fathers Across the USA Share Their Tales of Feline Affection

The independent film documentary Cat Daddies showcases the strong bond between men and cats. The documentary is showing in select theaters and online. And as we know here at Cole and Marmalade, people love seeing men who care for cats.

Cat Daddies Across America Share Their Stories of Loving Cats

The most masculine of macho men love cats, and old stereotypes are fading. There are dating apps for couples who love cats, and men and everyone loves seeing men caring for their felines.

One of the outstanding men in Cat Daddies is Will Zweitgart, founder of Flatbush Cats rescue in Brooklyn. He’s seen a change in how men who love cats are seen and purrhaps a shift in how society defines true strength.

“Men have always loved cats. I think it’s becoming a little bit more socially acceptable,” says Zweitgart. “Some of those old stereotypes that were harmful and useless are fading away. If you think about how were’ defining masculinity, I mean, caring for others, being able to protect others, that’s the foundation of strength.”

Caring for cats shows strength, and as the stories in Cat Daddies show, the resulting bonds strengthen us.

“Unquestionably, cats and all pets play a really critical role in our own emotional well-being,” he says.
Zweitgart also notes that it was cats who probably trained men long ago when humans first began caring for them.

Cat Daddies Across America Share Their Stories of Loving Cats

“Cats are at the top of the food chain. They’re the only species that’s trained us to cater to them hand and foot without even the expectation of returning affection. I think that’s pretty boss,” says Will Zweitgart, founder of Flatbush Cats rescue in Brooklyn.

We’ve shared many stories about the great work Flatbush Cats is doing for Brooklyn area cats.

The documentary examines stories of men who love cats from coast to coast. Caring for the cats has profoundly changed the men’s lives in each case. Some of them also found love with a partner as a result.

A former construction worker who wound up homeless, David finds a family and motivation to keep going with his rescued cat Lucky. A police officer helping the man shares a bond as he loves cats too.

Firemen discover that having a rescued cat, Flame, on duty is a huge stress reliever and morale booster.

“I think he’s slowly won the hearts of every guy here,” says Fire Engineer Jordan Lide.

Cat Daddies Across America Share Their Stories of Loving Cats

In another story, Tora, the Trucker Cat, lives on the road with Cat Daddy David. On the open road, the cat helps make him feel more at home with his girlfriend. They also go adventuring and have met many new people thanks to Tora’s online appeal.

Stunt performers Ryan and Megan share life with a rescued Maine Coon named Toodles.

“Toodles changed everything that I thought about cats,” Robertson said.

When Megan discovered Robertson had a cat, it made him all the more attractive.

“If you see a man care for something that’s not himself, it’s attractive,” she said.
Meanwhile, school teacher Peter tells the story of his comical cat Keys. The black and white cat’s dramatic poses led to a “Goal Kitty” phenomenon online, and Keys changed his life in many ways.

Cat Daddies Across America Share Their Stories of Loving Cats

Actor Nathan Kehn talks about balancing an acting career with caring for his four cats. Before he knew it, he ended up with four cats. Then, they took over his social media, as cats uniquely tend to do. As a result, he became a well-known influencer and has started Nathan’s Rescues, a group helping save cats in Los Angeles. He hopes to go nationwide one day.

Software engineer Jeff adopted his cat Zulu from the shelter after learning it’s possible to go on outdoor adventures with them.

He talks about how he never felt comfortable discussing his love for cats in college or the military but has since embraced being a Cat Dad. Like the other men in the film, it’s changed his life and that of his roommate, who also adopted a cat.

“It wasn’t that I needed to train him. He kind of came out of the box as an adventure cat,” Jeff said of Zulu.

When wildfires hit the Boulder Creek area where he lived, it made him realize what’s really important in life. The cats, Zulu and Fitzby, and his roommate were all that mattered in the end. The bonds of love we share with others matter and make us stronger for men, women, and everyone.

Cat Daddies Across America Share Their Stories of Loving Cats

See the trailer below and you can now buy or rent the movie online on Amazon or YouTube.

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