Carnation Tattoo: A Blooming Birthday Celebration

Birthday flower tattoos are a reminder of your birthday. Each month has a corresponding flower. Carnation tattoo is January flower tattoos.

Carnations symbolize admiration, true love, and courage. Different colors of carnations also have different meanings.

Red carnation tattoos signify true love.
Pink carnation tattoos generally represent the love of a mother for her child.
Blue carnation represents courage.
White carnations, representing pure love.

Carnation Tattoo Tumblr

The Meanings Of Carnation Tattoos (Explained In Detail)

Carnation is also a flower with a long history. There are many myths and legends about it and its symbolism. Carnations and Christianity have a deep connection. Legend has it that the pink carnation was the first to grow on earth and grew from the Virgin Mary’s tears.

Top 72+ carnation tattoo designs best - thtantai2

We have compiled a few of the most charming carnation flower tattoo designs. The chilly month of January is when we can see the charming carnations.







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