Billam-Smith Delivers Devastating Right-Hook KO, Sending Opponent to Sleep Before Touching the Canvas

Last time out, when Billam-Smith fought Armend Xhoxhaj in December 2022, he recorded arguably his career-best KO.

Billam-Smith caught his opponent with a stunning right hook
Billam-Smith caught his opponent with a stunning right hookCredit: Twitter: Sky Sports Boxing
And Xhoxhaj was immediately put to sleep
And Xhoxhaj was immediately put to sleepCredit: Twitter: Sky Sports Boxing
Before crashing down onto the canvas
Before crashing down onto the canvasCredit: Twitter: Sky Sports Boxing

In round five of their fight, Billam-Smith unleashed a barrage of punches on his opponent and a right-hook broke through.

As soon as the crushing blow landed, Xhoxhaj was knocked out, but it took a few seconds for his body to realise as he fell back onto the canvas.

Billam-Smith has since reacted to the knockout on Sky Sports, watching it back, as he said: “So, I was trying to get inside on him, try the right uppercut there and then I walk him onto the right uppercut now.

“And then I just rallied off left and right and then he drops his hand right at the end and I managed to land that right hook that ended the fight and put me in the position that I’m in now.

Billam-Smith will face Okolie on May 27 at Bournemouth's Vitality Stadium
Billam-Smith will face Okolie on May 27 at Bournemouth’s Vitality StadiumCredit: Lawrence Lustig/BOXXER

“Celebrated like I did because I’ve never knocked anyone out like that, so usually I just celebrate the ref jumps in and it’s okay.

“But, Shane [McGuigan] rightly came and calmed me down.”

Attention then turned to his Saturday night WBO world title clash with Lawrence Okolie and Billam-Smith was asked by the interviewer: “So, nobody can take that power?”

“No, no-one,” Billam-Smith replied.

“Lawrence?” the interviewer said, as Billam-Smith once again responded: “No.”


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