Beyond Instincts: Unlikely Friendship Blossoms Between a Goat and a Tiger, A Heartwarming Tale of Animal Companionship

Amur the Siberian tiger has become fast friends with a goat it was given to eat at the Primorsky Safari Park.

A fascinating and extraordinary event unfolded when a live goat was introduced into the enclosure of a Siberian tiger during its biweekly live feeding at the Primorsky Safari Park in Russia: Amur, the tiger, befriended its intended prey.

In a tale that has captured the imagination of Russia, Timur the goat and Amur the tiger have formed a remarkable bond, sharing meals and engaging in playful activities together. They romp in the snow, chase each other around, and even engage in playful head-butting.

Timur the goat has boldly claimed the shelter where Amur the tiger typically rests, prompting Amur to find solace on the shelter’s roof.

The public’s fascination with this extraordinary relationship has led to plans to install webcams in the enclosure to document their interactions.

Amur the Siberian tiger plans with Timur the goat.

In a remarkable turn of events, the unlikely friendship between the goat and the tiger blossomed due to the goat’s lack of fear upon being introduced into the enclosure. Unlike typical prey, the goat showed no signs of anxiety or apprehension.

According to the park, “No one had taught the goat to be afraid of tigers.” Consequently, what could have been a predator-prey relationship transformed into an unexpected camaraderie. Zoo chief Dmitry Mezentsev described it as nothing short of a miracle, suggesting it as a profound lesson for humanity amidst global conflicts.


Their daily routine includes leisurely walks around the enclosure, with the goat trailing behind the tiger. On one occasion, the goat playfully nudged the tiger with its horns, sparking a friendly interaction. Despite the apparent challenge, the tiger responded in kind, gently pressing his forehead against the goat’s horns. After a brief exchange, they peacefully coexisted, with the tiger retiring to bask in the sun while the goat continued its amiable presence.

Amur the Siberian tiger has attempted to teach Timur the goat how to catch prey.

When it comes to mealtime, Amur is now being fed a diet of live rabbits “out of consideration for the goats,” Mezentsev informed AFP. Furthermore, the tiger has made efforts to teach the goat how to hunt prey.

Tigre se vuelve amigo de una cabra que iba a ser su comida

In return, Timur has demonstrated to Amur how to lick a salt block that was provided to them.

-Amur, a Siberian tiger, shared an enclosure at the Primorye Safari Park with a goat named Timur who died this week

“We are drawn to the narrative of the tiger-goat friendship because amidst the prevalent falsehoods, animosity, and degradation in our society, one yearns to believe in the possibility of coexistence without preying on the vulnerable,” remarked a Russian online op-ed featured in, as reported by AFP. “It inspires hope that rather than devouring the weak, we can choose friendship.”

However, the looming question remains: Will Amur eventually consume Timur?

According to Novosibirsk zoo director Rostislav Shilo, there’s an 80 to 85 percent likelihood that the Siberian tiger will eventually prey on the goat.

Tigre se vuelve amigo de una cabra que iba a ser su comida

Contrarily, Mezentsev holds a different perspective. “Timur faces no more peril than a human coexisting with another human,” he asserted to AFP.

Extraña amistad de tigre y cabra toma nuevo giro - Primera Hora

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