Best Butterfly Tattoo Ideas 2020 You Will Love

There are many fabulous works of butterfly tattoo ideas. These tattoos are especially loved by ladies. Today we again show some genius butterfly tattoos. Hope they can inspire you.

In ancient times, people thought that butterflies came from the human soul. Their light flying posture, silent, is indeed somewhat similar to the soul of human fantasy.

From ugly bugs to beautiful butterflies. They perfectly demonstrate what it means to strive for metamorphosis.

The butterfly tattoo symbolizes the spirit of freedom and the perfect metamorphosis. If you also like free life and thinking, want your life to come to a magnificent evolution. then you can find resonance in our tattoos.

1. Popular butterfly tattoo ideas

Three-dimensional butterfly tattoos with shadows are particularly popular. Watching the fairy-like butterfly seems to fly away from your body. This symbolizes the sublimation of your soul. Represents your transformation.

The most popular is the black ink butterfly. In particular, the dot-shaped drawing technique of tattoo art can show the light and agile posture of butterflies.

2. Butterfly idea

A group of butterflies is flying on the back, spreading their wings higher and higher. Free and beautiful.

Butterflies and hibiscus flowers are also the most popular tattoo combinations. If you want beauty, independence, and freedom, this tattoo is a good choice for you.

3. Colorful butterfly tattoo ideas

The most attractive feature of a butterfly tattoo is its variety of colors. Moreover, the meanings of butterflies of different colors are also different.

Pure purple, blue, or orange are already very common butterfly tattoo colors. If these colors are combined with flame patterns, this is definitely an amazing tattoo design.

There are also beautiful combinations of black ink butterflies and flowers.

These butterfly tattoos will definitely impress you.


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