Believe the ad that the cat is like a “super mouse hunter”, the owner keeps it for a whole year and the ending is tearful

The story is that a rural family is ravaged by rats that destroy agricultural products too much . There are no dogs or cats in the house, so when I heard the ad that there were 2 super-superior mouse-hunting cats, I bought them and raised them hoping to improve the situation.

These are pictures of the parents line of the two cats that he is about to adopt . They take down dozens of mice in just a few minutes

Everyone is also praising, it’s really great. The illustrations are also very realistic

If parents are top-notch like this, their children’s life is definitely not inferior. He spent a lot of money to buy 2 kittens to take care of urgently

At first, the two kittens seem mischievous, active and very cute. Growing up with a very similar shape to his father’s generation , making the owner extremely happy, “surely this year’s harvest season will not have any mice.”

But life is not blurry, the ending is unexpected. This is a picture of 2 “super mouse hunting” cats after 4 months of practice:

Instead of tidying up the rats that were disturbing their house, the two cats frolicked happily, even providing food for the other mouse . Still seeing it as a pet, the owner received a surprised ending, laughing and crying

It turns out that the owner must have a gen Z cat, a “peace-loving” style of handling, not like killing

Homeowners are having a headache because they are worried about the future of homegrown agricultural products in the upcoming crop. I don’t know if I should blame the person who advertises too much or blame my own number. So the family is raising 3 more mouths to eat :))

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