Before anyone can seek Chirpy Cat for assistance, they discover kittens in the yard.

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A cat appeared on a property looking for shelter. Before anyone could get their help, they discovered kittens in the yard.


Symphony the cat @coastalbendcatsA few weeks ago, Coastal Bend Cat Rescue received a notification about a pregnant cat that had been found wandering around a property.

Searchers believed the cat had been abandoned there and sought help. Before rescuers could help the cat, she chose a spot to keep kittens in the yard.

“They said mom was super sweet and they hoped we would take those babies too when they were old enough,” CBCR officer Mary Huckabee told Love Meow.


@costabendcatsA volunteer who already had fosters in her care found out about the family of cats and offered to take care of them. Despite having his hands full, he prepared a quiet and comfortable space for them to move into.

With the help of the property owner, they were able to get the mother, Symphony, and her seven little ones to safety.


Symphony gave birth to her kittens in the yard @coastalbendcatsSymphony and her kitties settled in wonderfully after a bit of touring around their new digs. She quickly dove back into mommy duties as the seven hungry mouths invaded her.

“Symphony got his name because he was always talking (meowing and singing) and purring. All of her babies were named after famous composers. From the beginning, they loved pets and belly rubs,” Mary shared with Love Meow.


They are now safe in a loving foster home @coastalbendcatsWith many demands on his seven, Symphony works around the clock, catering to his every whim. She makes sure no one misses a meal or skips a bath.

The kittens are growing and developing with “notes and chords” and starting to run and cartwheel around each other. “They love to play and fight and sleep in a big pile.”


All kittens are named after famous composers @coastalbendcats“The two girls, Fanny Mendelssohn and Hildegard of Bingen, are very confident and are the first to explore. Ludwig van Beethoven likes to sit down, analyze, and join in once it’s proven fun. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Igor Stravinsky and Johann Sebastian Bach just want to hug each other all day.

“If they start fighting while they’re in a cuddle puddle on their foster mom’s lap, that’s even better. “Antonio Vivaldi would rather be climbing a cat tree, the food bin, the foster mother… he will climb anything.”


@costabendcatsThe crew of seven enjoy their daily and nightly embraces in a close-knit clowder, sonorously rumbling in perfect harmony. They imbue the room with constant purrs and squeaks.

Every time her foster mother walks through the door, she is met with the sweetest sounds of little composers.


@costabendcats“Symphony maintains a purring metronome to help your gifted little ones keep up with the pace of music creation.”

The rescue recently took in a lonely kitten who desperately needed a friend. “He was showing a lot of behavioral signs of being a bachelor with a lot of bites and scratches.”


@costabendcatsOnce the kitten was medically cleared to interact with other cats, they decided to introduce him to Symphony and the Composers.

“They have welcomed him into their mix and are teaching him good kitten play skills. So now, Hans Zimmer is also part of the team.”


They accepted a lone kitten into their big family @coastalbendcatsIt took a town, but Symphony and her seven are thriving in a foster home along with their newly adopted family member.


@costabendcatsWhen the kittens are big enough to be adopted in a few weeks, they will be spayed and neutered and begin looking for a home.

“Symphony and her kittens are sure to compose excellent love songs.”


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