Beautiful Maine Coon: Kefir aka “The Gentle Giant”

Cats from the Maine Coon breed are the largest domesticated cats. They have a characteristic physical appearance with soft, silky, dense fur and a long bushy raccoon-like tail. The fur can be in any color that other cats have, and the interesting fact is that it’s water-resistant.

These cats are very sociable, but you have to be careful around them – they will capture your heart in the first-minute meeting. Although they are friendly and extremely loyal to their owners, they are very cautious among strangers and act unobtrusively, justifying their nickname “the gentle giant”.

The Main Coon cats possess above-average intelligence, and their great hunting skills make them independent. It’s pretty easy for this kind of cat to make you instantly fall in love with her because its unique character and beautiful physical look are irresistible.

Kefir, as a representative of its kind – the Main Coon cat breed, is an enormous size cat. He lives in Russia with his owner Yuliya.

Yuliya says that she got him from a cattery, she loved his beautiful fluffy white fur as soon as she saw him. Now, Kefir is 21 months old cat and weighs about 26.5 pounds.

He eats only meat and natural feeding from the beginning, refusing to eat dry cat food which, apparently is not his favorite. Yuliya says that Kefir is a member of her family, and they treat him like he is, adding that he even sits with them by the table when they eat.

Meet the Kefir.

Kitty Called Kefir aka"The Gentle Giant" Is An Incredibly Beautiful Maine Coon

He is one fluffy giant cat, but his owner says that he could grow even more.

“It’s normal for Maine Coons to keep growing up until they are 3 years old”, said Yuliya.

Kitty Called Kefir aka"The Gentle Giant" Is An Incredibly Beautiful Maine Coon

With its 1 year and 9 months old, he is currently weighing about 26.5 pounds.

Kitty Called Kefir aka"The Gentle Giant" Is An Incredibly Beautiful Maine Coon

Kefir maintenance is generally the same as with any other cat. The only difficulty may be his shedding because such a huge fluffy cat certainly sheds a lot more than a regular cat.

Kitty Called Kefir aka"The Gentle Giant" Is An Incredibly Beautiful Maine Coon

Yuliya says people usually assume that Kefir is a dog, so it’s funny to see their reaction when they realized it’s actually a cat.

“It’s funny how others react when they see the cat because it is huge. Many people think that it’s a dog at first.”

Kitty Called Kefir aka"The Gentle Giant" Is An Incredibly Beautiful Maine Coon

“Small kitten in the body of a massive beast”, says the owner, and we believe it.

“But in general, this is a super-smart cat. It weirdly can feel the general mood in the house.

Kefir doesn’t meow, doesn’t yell, and doesn’t harm the furniture. A truly perfect cat.

This is a gentle small kitten in the body of a massive beast”, Says Yuliya.

Kitty Called Kefir aka"The Gentle Giant" Is An Incredibly Beautiful Maine Coon

How do you feel about maintenance one feline friend from the Main Coon breed? If you are already thinking of taking one, please consider its enormous size because you’ll surely need a lot of space for this playful friend.

In the meantime, you can check more of Kefir’s photos at Yuliya’s Instagram account. Hope you loved this beautiful kitty along with its unique characteristic.

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