An In-Depth Look at the 2024 Aston Martin DB12

More Than Just 11 Becoming 12

There is yet to be a lineage of automobiles that can define British-born motoring as boldly as that of the Aston Martin DB. That sentiment is not about to be diminished in any way either, with the announcement of the new 2024 Aston Martin DB12.

The rationale behind its name is about as straightforward as its purpose, with the DB11 successor showcasing the absolute best that Aston Martin has to offer. So impressive is the leap, that the DB12 is now being hailed as a “super tourer”—the conventional “grand tourer” persona just doesn’t cut it anymore.

That’s not to say that this new super tourer strays far from its roots, as the DB12 strikes a familiar pose and comes with all of the quintessential giveaways which make it undeniably, an Aston Martin first and foremost.


It’s not just a bunch of marketing hubbub either, as the DB12’s credentials go above-and-beyond in backing this self-proclamation. Improving on the out-going model was always going to be par for the course, but creating something that’s greater than the sum of its (oh so very impressive) parts deserves recognition—and the Aston Martin DB12 happens to be exactly that.

Design & Interior

While there could still be a shake up taking place at Aston Martin, the silhouette of the DB12 is proof that the British automaker’s philosophies still remain very much in touch with the past—there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.

Even from a distance, there really is no mistaking the “007” aura that the DB12 gives off; its long front hood flowing into a sleek roofline before blending with those sensual fastback proportions. It’s a classic British beauty in every sense of the phrase, with just enough modernization to keep it feeling fresh and relevant with today’s standards. Those looking for the finer details will certainly find them, with a larger front grille, reimagined headlights, a wider track, and other distinctive features, amongst the new design cues which also make the DB12 a unique automobile in its own right.


Moving into the cabin, you’ll find no shortage of exotic-grade amenities and materials which allow the Aston Martin DB12 to live up to its self-proclaimed “super tourer” billing. There’s a healthy marriage of minimalism and functionality going on inside, with an optimal balance of digital screens and tactile buttons thoughtfully placed to provide the driver full control over his or her dominion. Otherwise, you can also expect the standard fare of high-end features which include contrast stitching, carbon fiber panels, alcantara seat cushions and an intuitive infotainment system.

There are also a number of paint color schemes you can choose from, ranging anywhere from understated to extroverted, with Iridescent Emerald—which also changes the wheel color to gold—definitely taking the cake as being the most outgoing version of the car. James Bond would probably be choosing the more necessarily covert Satin Aluminite Silver DB12 for himself, I would reckon.

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