After accidentally wandering into the school, a cat unwittingly becomes the top pupil

He is a role model to the other students!

This kitten had no idea that getting in this school would change his life!

A Cat Unintentionally Becomes The Best Student After Str.aying Into School

Tombi, the cat, is from Turkey, a country with many amazing stories, as much as the number of kittens roaming every corner of this city.

Tombi may appear similar to other cats, but he knows exactly how to make himself special and unique!

Tombi is discovered by a group of students after straying into the classroom; some stray cats can be extremely nervous or irritable around people, but Tombi is not. He felt at home in this place, so he set out to make it his new home. Tombi is overjoyed to be with this group of students.

A Cat Unintentionally Becomes The Best Student After Str.aying Into School

The students fell in love with him right away, but the school administration wasn’t entirely convinced that having a classroom pet was a good idea. They suspected that Tombi was not completely safe and that he could spread the disease to students, so he was transferred to another family.

Such a beautiful ginger boy…every class should have one!

A Cat Unintentionally Becomes The Best Student After Str.aying Into School

However, people underestimated Tombi’s affection for his little friends, and Tombi, who was always described as cheerful and ready, stopped eating. He was very to be separated from his buddies!

Not only Tombi, but all of the students in teacher Ozlem’s class were so up.set that they sent letters and drawings when they found out that their cat friend was not feeling well while they were gone. Hundreds of letters were written by the children pleading with Tombi to return. And this heartwarming story quickly went viral.

A Cat Unintentionally Becomes The Best Student After Str.aying Into School

And all of her hard work has paid off; Tombi is overjoyed to be back as the top student in the class! All students are pleased with the school administration’s decision. Finally, they could study with Tombi, which was incredible.

What a sweet story! I hope you enjoy it. Enjoy and please share with your bestie!!

A Cat Unintentionally Becomes The Best Student After Str.aying Into School

Dogs and cats I think need to be in schools they help the kids so much.

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