A stray cat meets kind people, has kittens in their home a few days later, and decides she’s had enough of the streets.

A stray cat met nice people, had kittens in their house days later and decided she was done with the streets.

cat mom kitten snuggling


Karly Saltarski, cofounder of Salty Animal Rescue, was notified about a pregnant street cat needing a safe haven. The gentleman who was feeding the stray, noticed that her belly was getting plump.

He reached out to the community in hopes of getting the cat the help she needed. Karly immediately responded to the plea and made room for the cat.

A volunteer of the rescue leapt into action, brought the expectant mom to safety and transported her to a foster home.

shy stray cat

Nyx the cat@saltyanimalrescue

The cat named Nyx was very shy upon arrival and tried to take refuge. With a quiet, comfortable nursery and plenty of food, she began to feel more at ease.

Once she lay down on a soft blanket, she tucked her paws in and let her eyes rest. Karly brought food to her nest so she could eat and start building trust.

cat settling in box


About 10 days later, Nyx went into labor and brought four beautiful kittens into the world, three black kittens and one tortie.

“She needed a little help but is doing her best to be a good mom. We couldn’t be happier that this is her last litter ever,” Karly shared. “They could have been born outside in the cold. These animals need us to fight for them. Fixing one cat can make such a difference and save multiple lives.”

cat mom newborn kittens

She gave birth to a litter of four@saltyanimalrescue

Nyx immediately dove into mommy duties and tended to her babies’ every whim. Her tortie, Nori, was packed with sass despite being just pint-sized.

Before her eyes even opened, she managed to conjure up the tiniest ferocious hisses – a natural instinct to fend for herself. After getting a full belly, Nori quickly turned into a mini “biscuit factory” kneading away while rumbling with her micro purrs.

tortie newborn kitten

Nori is the only tortie in the litter@saltyanimalrescue

Food was always bountiful and fresh blankets never seemed in short supply. Nyx was pleased, and she warmed up to her foster family and allowed them to assist her with her precious four.

“We believe she’s around two years old. She is still shy but has started to learn that people aren’t so bad. She is a very loving cat once she’s comfortable,” Karly said.

cat panther kitty loafing


“If you give her a good head scratch it gets her motor going. She has an obsession with her foster dad which could possibly be because her feeder was male. She will come out and head bunt away whenever he enters the room.”

Nyx watched her kittens grow big and strong and reach many milestones. When they were old enough for adoption, three of them quickly found their forever homes.

snuggle cuddle kittens

The kittens grew by leaps and bounds@saltyanimalrescue

Mama Nyx and her remaining kitten Newt have become very close since. They spend ample time snuggling with each other in the cat tree. The rescue hopes that the two can find a loving home together.


“Nyx would do best in a home with another friendly cat. She gets very sad being without a kitty friend. She has the most beautiful eyes and her fur is the softest I’ve ever felt. She would make an amazing family member in the right home.”


After roaming the streets for most of her life, Nyx is so happy to be indoors and will never have to worry about food and shelter.

“I know a social lovey cat is in there. She just needs the right people to bring it out.”


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