A dog willingly provides his home after spotting a pregnant cat, becoming the uncle to six gorgeous children.

Mexico.- They say that pit bulls are considered a “highly dangerous” breed by nature, but that statement has once again been denied on Facebook after learning the story of Hades, who lives in the company of his adoptive father Juan José Flores.

The puppy resides in the town of Tijuana, in Mexico, but thanks to what his owner told him on social networks, he has become a character much loved by millions of netizens.

Hades has broken down any kind of prejudice after becoming friends and family with a pregnant kitten that he found a few weeks ago hanging around his house. The dog knew the intentions of the ‘intruder’, but far from scaring her away, he wanted to offer her a helping hand, knowing her conditions.

The pitbull decided to lend him his little wooden house located in the garden so that she can settle in and give birth without any problem. However, the good-natured animal had to prevent his human father from approaching his place so that he did not end up throwing out his new friend. Hades’s strange attitude was already very obvious, so Juan José Flores decided to investigate carefully to find out what his pet was up to. “He behaved a little strange, more annoying than usual, faster, ran from one side to the other, hitting doors, windows, as if looking for something, even destroyed a cushion,” he commented on his Facebook post . One morning, curiosity could no longer be with Juan José and he went in search of his pit bull and was surprised that a cat, in the company of 6 babies, was staying at Hades’s house, who was watching carefully from a corner of the garden .

After the peculiar story was made public, the Facebook community highlighted the noble feeling of the dog and the owner, who has known how to raise his four-legged companion very well.

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