A cat approaches a woman to be petted and, two days later, has kittens inside the woman’s home.

A cat walked up to a woman to be petted and ended up having kittens inside her home two days later.

cat mom kittens

Priscilla the cat and her kittensKaty @casadekittiesphl

Katy came across a stray cat in front of a daycare in northeast Philadelphia late last month. As a volunteer for her local rescue, Stray Cat Relief, she couldn’t leave without checking on the feline.

“I was working that day and when I pulled up, she was just walking down the street. I didn’t have a trap or carrier or even any food, but I knew she needed help,” Katy told Love Meow.

The cat who had a large belly, turned to Katy and sauntered up to her, as soon as she noticed her presence. “I crouched down, offered my hand, and she came right to me for pets.”

pregnant stray cat

She was found wandering outside pregnantKaty @casadekittiesphl

The cat was very friendly and appeared to be pregnant, so Katy reached out to Stray Cat Relief and a TNR (trap-neuter-return) rescuer for assistance.

The dilute tortie seemed very pleased to get some attention from her newly acquainted friend. “She would not let me pick her up, but I managed to keep her occupied for over an hour while we waited for help.”

stray cat

She walked up to Katy and just wanted to be pettedKaty @casadekittiesphl

The cat, named Priscilla, was safely taken off the streets and brought into foster care. She ravenously scarfed down the food as if she hadn’t eaten for days. That night, she was able to relax and rest comfortably in her new, warm bed, making up for lost sleep.

“The next day, I noticed that she wasn’t eating much. She was also restless and howling. My gut was saying she was going into labor,” Katy shared with Love Meow.

friendly stray cat

Katy @casadekittiesphl

“I informed the rescue and built her a nesting box. I spent as much time trying to comfort her as I could until I had to go to bed.”

Around 1:30AM, Katy got up thinking about Priscilla, and went to check on her. Within 30 minutes, the cat mama delivered her first two babies. By early morning, six kittens made it through birth and were lined up on their doting mom, nursing away.

cat newborn kittens

She gave birth a litter of kittens two days after she was rescuedKaty @casadekittiesphl

“When I checked on her around 7:30AM, she immediately flipped onto her back as if she was showing me her babies.”

Katy provided supplemental feedings for the smaller ones of the litter while Priscilla tirelessly tended to their every need. When the cat mom forgot to eat, Katy placed food in front of her and encouraged her to focus on her own needs.

newborn kittens nursing

Katy @casadekittiesphl

“I was feeding her while she lay and nursed because she didn’t seem to want to stop for anything,” Katy told Love Meow.

After a few days of nonstop caring for her precious six, Priscilla has started to take some short breaks between feedings to stretch, replenish and get some love from her foster mom.

cat nursing kittens

Katy @casadekittiesphl

“She’s an extremely sweet girl. She is constantly making biscuits and just begging for more pets. Any time I stop she’s like ‘wait, keep petting me!'”

“Any time I take the kittens to weigh, Priscilla watches very closely, and if she feels I’m taking too long, she’ll get up and bring them back to their bed,” Katy shared.


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