Elegant nail designs are what every lady wants. Beautiful and attractive nails are even more important than makeup and hair. People will inadvertently admire your manicure at the first touch of handshake. An elegant, stylish and decent manicure will make the most impressive first impression on others.

Moreover, you will always admire and touch your nails from time to time throughout the day. An elegant and beautiful manicure will make you feel good. This good mood will also infect the people around you.

That’s why ladies nowadays need to put a lot of thought into finding the most satisfying manicure for themselves. Just in time, we have a large gallery of elegant nail art designs for you. Check out our list carefully and we are sure you will find the best elegant nail art designs and ideas.


1. Elegant nail design can not be separated from the nude color

Soft nude colors make your nails look gentle and elegant. Then pair it with some contrasting colors, or glitter accents, some geometric patterns and lines, and other lively elements. This makes your nails elegant but not dull.



2. Elegant short mani

This kind of short nail is too suitable for you who are busy. You can easily do it at home. These are some basic short nude nails. Elegant and easy short mani ideas. Usually you don’t even need much to take care of them. But elegance is easy to show from your hands.


3. Your manicure needs an elegant accent

Botanical accents for nails are most classic. Of course you also need to use your imagination, elegant and charming little embellishment ideas are all around.



4. Look at these creative accents and the most classic nude colors

You can find a year’s worth of inspiration about elegant manicure designs.




5. some more charming little mani embellishments

If you have plenty of time, then you can paint your elegant manicure with a small flower or a simple cactus shape. Or maybe some simple yet rich irregular patterns. Or put on some contrasting elements.




6. Dark elegant mani

Classic black, brown and dark gray nails are elegant and glamorous. Then add in some contrast, metallic colors, frosted.






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