2025 Mercedes-AMG CLE53 Cabriolet Gets 443 HP and Infinite Headroom

The first AMG version of the new CLE-Class debuted at the end of 2023, and now, it’s time to air things out a bit. Feast your eyes on the Mercedes-AMG CLE53 Cabriolet, combining 443 horsepower with open-air touring.

2025 Mercedes-AMG CLE53 Cabriolet Gets 443 HP and Infinite Headroom

That power comes from the same turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six used in the hardtop. It has the same overboost function too, temporarily boosting peak torque to 443 pound-feet. That peak is really a plateau, providing constant thrust from 2,200 to 5,000 rpm. It goes to the ground through a nine-speed automatic transmission, driving all four wheels via the 4Matic system. The convertible is a tad slower than the hardtop, reaching 60 mph in 4.1 seconds. The electronically limited 155-mph top speed is still the same, though.

Gallery: 2025 Mercedes-AMG CLE53 Cabriolet

Visually speaking, the CLE53 Cabriolet shares the same body upgrades with the coupe. It’s a bit wider at the front and rear versus the standard model, and it gets AMG-specific fenders as a result. The nose has the sporty fascia with a Panamericana grille, and at the bacl you’ll find AMG-specific quad oval exhaust finishers. Moving inside, AMG enhancements include special displays for the 12.3-inch driver and 11.9-inch center screens, while the seats get special branding. Upgraded AMG Performance seats with more aggressive bolsters are optional.

2025 Mercedes-AMG CLE53 Cabriolet Gets 443 HP and Infinite Headroom

The added bolstering might come in handy. The CLE53 has a reinforced chassis to help cope with the loss of its roof, and AMG Ride Control suspension is standard. Rear-axle steering is also standard, which can turn opposite the fronts at up to 2.5 degrees below 60 mph. Above that speed, the rear wheels turn parallel to the front by as much as 0.7 degrees. According to Mercedes, this provides more directional stability at higher speeds.

2025 Mercedes-Benz AMG CLE 53 Cabrio revealed with 443 hp

As with the existing CLE-Class Cabriolet, the AMG version keeps the driver and front-seat passenger warm with the Airscarf and Aircap systems. Standard on the CLE53, Airscarf blows warm air on the necks of those sitting in front. Aircap uses deflectors on the windshield and rear headrests to deflect air overtop the open roof, keeping buffeting when the roof is down. The roof is a fabric design that can be operated at speeds up to 37 mph. It opens and closes in approximately 20 seconds.

Pricing for the 2025 Mercedes-AMG CLE53 Cabriolet will be announced at a later date. We can tell you the CLE 450 in top trim starts at $77,600, so an MSRP above that for the AMG CLE53 is a good place to start.


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