20+ Cute Small Butterfly Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Of course butterfly from caterpillar to chrysalis, and finally gorgeous metamorphosis. The symbolism of this hard work transformation is also very suitable for men. If you also want to make a qualitative change through long-term hard work to become more capable and stronger than before. You can choose a butterfly tattoo to motivate yourself. Especially if you don’t want to show off, then a small butterfly tattooing is an excellent choice for you.

Butterfly tattoos meaning transformation and change, as well as freedom and hope. If you’re looking for a small tattoo design that doesn’t draw too much attention, then small butterflies are definitely your first choice.

1. Purple small butterfly tattoo

Pay a little attention to butterfly ink and you’ll see. Purple butterfly ink has always been a popular insect tattooing. Purple butterflies symbolize nobility and elegance, and of course, most importantly purple butterflies represent eternal love.

Green, and yellow butterflies versus purple which one would you still choose?



2. Roses little butterfly tattoo

Butterfly inks are always combined with various flower tattoos. This beautiful tattooing expresses feminine beauty more.

For example, the most common roses, lavender, daisies, etc., combined with butterflies are particularly attractive ink designs.

What kind of flowers and butterflies will you choose to combine?

And the traditional butterfly has been a popular ink idea as well.



3. Arm Butterfly 

The arms have always been the most popular body part that people choose to wear tattoos on. Little butterfly tattoos in various colors can perfectly adorn your arms.



4. Blue small butterfly tattoo

Blue is the color of dreams and the blue butterfly symbolizes mystery.

The blue butterfly also symbolizes happiness and changing fate.

Compare the blue and purple and black traditional tattooing below, which one would you like?



5. Black small butterfly tattoo

Black traditional butterfly inks are also a hot spot.

Shoulders, collarbones, and ankles are also the most popular body parts for tattoos.

Check out our list of the best butterfly ink that can give you inspiration.



6. More little butterfly inspiration

There are more small butterfly ink ideas in the next gallery, which are stunning in both color and shape.

Find that special little butterfly ink design that suits you.


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