15 Gorgeous Peony Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

Of course, the meaning of peony is very rich, and it also symbolizes wealth and honor. Especially in China and Japan, this flower is considered the king of flowers. It is considered a symbol of good luck and happy marriage.

If you are looking for a passionate and extroverted tattoo design, then the peony is worth your consideration.

1.Peony tattoo design types

This flower tattoo is also suitable to be placed anywhere on the body. More special positions such as the neck! However, choosing this position requires you to have strong pain tolerance.

And it can be used alone or combined with other tattoo elements. In this way, you can describe the peony flower idea with your own unique aesthetic.

2.Black ink tattoo

Classic black ink is always the best choice.

The tattoo ideas that combine peony, sunflower, bird, mandala, and other elements will bring you endless inspiration.

3.Monster tattoo ideas 

Combined with weird eye elements, this is a tattoo idea that can shock you. Inspire your own fanatical tattoo inspiration.

4.Colorful peony art

Flower tattoos must not lack all kinds of charming colors.

This time we chose several beautiful peony tattoo designs such as red, pink, orange, and black.

If you prefer color to express yourself, you should look for color inspiration that suits you.


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