10 Must-Visit Tourist Destinations in Russia

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Russia – Top Travel Lists

Home to one of the most inspiring races in the world, Russia, the land of the soviets, is great and grand. It is the largest country in the world with a powerful race, distinctive culture and some breathtaking landscapes. It is a place where all religions pray as one Europe, Asia and even America is around the corner and a world within a country. With delightful accommodation and easy transportation Russia can offer you the adventure of a lifetime. Here are the ten tourist attractions in Russia according to Top Travel Lists:

10. Stalingrad Battlefield

15 Best Places to Visit in Russia | PlanetWare

The city of Stalingrad is a historic city that witnessed one of the bloodiest battles of the World War II. According to many, here the seeds of alliance victory was planted. Still containing many remnants of the battle like ruins of buildings and statues and bomb craters, the city is of staggering historic importance. Today, the city is known as Volgograd and contain many dedicated monuments like Mamayev Kurgan and museums to explore the horrors and the glory of that past and very easily makes this list of top tourist attractions in Russia.

09. The Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin: The Offical Residence Of The Russian President

In the heart of Moscow, by the Moscow River lies an astoundingly fortified complex known as The Kremlin. It is the official residence to the president of Russia and is of utmost diplomatic significance. Built by the Italian rulers in the 14th century, the entire area is a big triangle enclosed within heavy walls and towers. Among the 18 great towers, Ivan the Great Bell Tower known locally as Spasskaya tower is perhaps the most famous for the giant clock and the ruby star that resides on its top. The Cathedral Square, Cathedral of the Dormition and Terem Palace are just a few of the other great attractions that lie within. So, The Kremlin is certainly one of the most significant tourist attractions in Russia.

08. Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus: the highest mountain in Europe | VortexMag

Mount Elbrus in the Kabardino-Balkaria region is the greatest peak of the Caucasus Mountains and an inactive volcano. Famous for the unique shape that its two summits make, Mount Elbrus is very popular for the professional and amateur mountain climbers. Standing at 5,642 meters above sea level, Mount Elbrus is one of the seven highest summits in the world. With cable cars taking the visitors up to 3,800 meters, this mountain is one of the must-visit tourist attractions in Russia.

07. Valley of Geysers

Valley of Geysers - Kamchatkaland

As the name suggests, Valley of Geysers is place full of Geysers, hot spring and other geothermal activities. Located in Kamchatka Peninsula, it is second largest concentration of geysers in the world. Discovered in 1941, this place of great scientific importance produces some fascinating smoky sights. Included as a world heritage site, it is a part of Kronotsky Nature Reserve and one of the top tourist attractions in Russia.

06. Suzdal

Một vòng khám phá Suzdal – thành phố cổ kính nhất của nước Nga

With a history that dates back to the 10th century, Suzdal is one of the best display of ancient Russian architecture. It is filled with many Kremlins, cathedrals and monasteries of stunning style, giving the visitors a timeless feeling. Part of the cities that form the golden ring, this ancient city near Vladimir functioned as a capital quite a few times. The entire city is like a museum brought back from an unknown time.

05. Kizhi Island


Kizhi Island located on Lake Onega in Karelia is an island with a few famous and historic buildings. Most famous of these buildings are the two outstanding churches and a bell tower known as Kizhi Pogost. Home to 80 historical wooden structures collected from nearby areas, the entire island is fascinating open air museum. The amazing culture and craftsmanship of the Karelians who lived here since the 13th century is quite amazing. Thus, the island is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Russia.

04. St Sophia Cathedral, Novgorod


Built between 1045 and 1050 by Vladimir of Novgorod, the St Sophia Cathedral in the city of Novgorod is the oldest cathedral in Russia. It is also the oldest functioning building in Russia. It is most known for its five spectacular domes one of which is of distinct golden color.  The cathedral is filled with many artifacts and statues of staggering religious significance such as Our Lady of the Sign. This legendary Cathedral made of stone is one of finest specimen left of the ancient Russia.

03. Lake Baikal


Lake Baikal in the Russian region of Siberia is the greatest freshwater lake in the world. Formed some 25 million years ago, this is believed to be the oldest lake in the world and in terms of measurement it is the 7th largest lake in the world. With a surface area of 31,722 square kilometers, Lake Baikal is home to nearly 1700 species of plants and countless animals and birds. With a number of delightful hotels and resorts on the shore sides and a charming scenic environment, this is one of the top notch tourist attractions in Russia.

02. Hermitage Museum


Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg is one of the largest and oldest museums in the world. Founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great, Hermitage Museum is a museum dedicated to art and culture. Including the largest collection of paintings in the world, there are more than 3 million artworks, items and artifacts in display. The museum is actually a complex of 6 historic buildings including the famous and fabulous winter palace and Theatre. One of the most amazing display of Russian culture, it makes for an enlightening visit. So, in no way you can leave out this resourceful museum from any list of top tourist attractions in Russia.

01. Saint Basil’s Cathedral


The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed known otherwise as Saint Basil’s Cathedral is the most prominent landmark in Russia located in the famous Red Square of Moscow. Founded by one of the most villainous figure in the world Ivan the terrible in 1561, the Cathedral is shaped like a rising flame. One of the most unique architectures in the world, Saint Basil’s Cathedral serves as a museum today and attracts millions of tourists. With some stunning visual of colors this truly is the most iconic landmark in Russia and certainly tops this list.

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