10 Best Iris Tattoo Designs and Meanings

The iris tattoo symbolizes wisdom, courage, and faith. It corresponds exactly to its three petals. In ancient Greece, the iris was related to the rainbow goddess.

1.Rib iris tattoo ideas

Simple line ink tattoos, free lines can show the beautiful flower shape of iris.

2.Magnificent iris tattoo on arm

The rich colors fully show the luxurious temperament of the iris royal family. This is a tattoo that can immediately arouse people’s amazement and attention. Exudes your enthusiasm and wisdom.

3.Purple iris tattoo design on leg

Purple is the most popular color for iris flowers. This is why Iris is related to the royal family. The purple iris represents wisdom, respect, and praise.

4.Chinese style iris

Chinese ink style iris flower tattoos. Mysterious and beautiful.

5.Black ink iris flower tattoos on hand

6.Colorful iris flower tattoos on forearm

Green is full of vitality, purple is solemn, orange is brilliant and firm. The blooming iris flower is gorgeous and elegant. The long, pointed leaves are full of strength.

7.Abstract iris flower

Abstract and beautiful intertwined lines, vibrant colors blend in. This is an eye-catching tattoo idea on the arm.

8.Iris and lavender tattoos


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